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Doge Buff Coin {Nov 2021} How to Buy? Chart, Price

This article guides you with all the details like price, prediction, and market cap about Doge Buff Coin.

Have you wondered about how the buff dogecoin is going to be different from the original dogecoin? Do you want to understand the concept and mechanism of this token? Are you confused about the market potential of this coin? If your answer is yes, we will elaborate on every detail about the Doge Buff Coin and answer all your queries.

We will also help you understand why this coin is becoming popular in Indonesia, India, and other countries. Let’s begin!

What is the Buff DogeCoin?

As the name suggests, Buff DogeCoin is the buff version of the DogeCoin cryptocurrency. This cryptocurrency was established because DogeCoin gained popularity, its demand and prices have surged, and it’s the king of meme-based coins. There are many unique features of Buff DogeCoin. One of the most prominent features is that it’s a hyper-deflationary token, so the quantity of every Doge Buff Coin burn will double the last one. Since the coin will be burnt very frequently, 100% of the remaining supply of the available Buff DogeCoin will eventually be burnt.

This is the burning scheme that’s going to be followed:

  • 1st Burn of 1,000,000 coins
  • 2nd Burn of 2,000,000 coins 
  • 3rd Burn of 4,000,000 coins
  • 4th Burn of 8,000,000 coins
  • 5th Burn of 16,000,000 
  • 6th Burn till the end will be double the previous burn trillions of Buff DogeCoins; its remaining supply will burn.

Doge Buff Coin– Founders’ information:

There is not much information about the founders of this cryptocurrency. Still, as per research, it’s a complimentary coin to the DogeCoin, so Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer itself have established it. Billy Markus is both the founder and the developer of this cryptocurrency which they started as a joke but now has reached the top of the worldwide marketplace. They have stated that the primary mission of this project is rescuing animal shelters and protecting the environment, such as forest conservation.

Market Details and Price Predictions:

  • Current price- $0.000000004055, which is also the all-time high of this cryptocurrency.
  • Doge Buff Coin price has not changed much in the last 24 hours. 
  • Current rank- #2956
  • Fully diluted market cap- $3,893,432
  • 24 hour trading volume- $1,126,062
  • The 24 hour low is $0.000000001098 and 24 hour high is $0.000000004055.
  • The all-time low is $0.000000001483.
  • Total supply- 1,000,000,000,000,000 coins.

After looking at these figures, we can ascertain that the prices of Buff DogeCoin will be quite volatile and make it an unreliable coin in the future.

How to buy Buff DogeCoin?

  1. Set up your Coinbase account and wallet.
  2. Buy Bitcoin ($BTC) or Ethereum ($ETH) on Coinbase.
  3. Use one of the above currencies to purchase Doge Buff Coin or $BUFFDOGE.


Q1. What is the contact address of this cryptocurrency?

Ans 1. 0x23125108bc4c63E4677b2E253Fa498cCb4B3298b

Q2. What are the Tokenomics of this cryptocurrency?

Ans 2. 5% of each transaction is redistributed to the coin holders, and 5% is added to its liquidity.

Q3. Which wallets can you use for buying this coin?

Ans 3. Binance Smart chain, pancake swap and many other major exchanges list this coin.


You should wait for some time if you want to invest in this currency as it’s already risky to invest in meme tokens, and DogeCoin has been known to scam its investors before. It’s a newly launched coin with high volatility. Please tell us your comments about Doge Buff Coin below. Also, read about How to Invest in Cryptocurrency.

Check out the Doge Buff Coin website here.

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