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Do you have a pet dog? The pet owners feel happy to see their dogs curious and active. At the same time, it is embarrassing to see the dog getting distracted while walking, misbehaving on the roadside, and barking on seeing other dogs; moreover, people start avoiding you because you cannot control your pet dog.

Did you know that pet training gadgets are offered by in the United States? Let’s learn more about Diyk9 com Videos.


About videos:

Garret Wing is the founder and the owner of He has 20+ years of experience training dogs, and his father was a police K9 handler for approximately 30 years. Since childhood, Garret saw his father’s fully trained police canine at his home and became familiar with the behavior of dogs.

Garret was an instructor, Senior Police K9 Unit Supervisor, Patrol K9 Handler, Etc. During his career journey, he noticed that dog owners were interested in seeing their dogs behave well and get well-mannered. However, dog owners do not know about Diyk9 Courses (or) how to train their dogs.

Eventually, dog owners either spend many dollars on pet instructors (or) let their dogs behave as they like! Hence, Garret founded, which provides training, live online sessions, private weekly training sessions, and Q&A sessions, access to articles written by the DIYK9 team, early access to videos before they are released on YouTube, access to blogs for posting questions and for getting advice from the community.

The customer must sign up for a membership to access the complete online courses, services and Diyk9 com Videos. The courses on the website include:

Puppy Biting & Manners $97.00 – a course teaching the owners how to raise well-mannered dogs and to stop bad habits.

Potty Training $97.00 – The course gives toy trade secrets on pet dog’s potty training within 48 hours.

Crate Training $97.00 – It is about the crate done correctly, making pet dogs love being crated.

The Perfect Walk $147.00 – training to take charge while walking your dog.

Puppy Essentials for $247.00 – Barking, Jumping, Biting, Potty Training, Chewing, Crate Training, Etc., to raise a perfect puppy! 

Diyk9 com Videos on Obedience 101 available for $397.00 – A positive reinforcement training using a dog’s likeness to food. It teaches the dog how to sit down, focus, recall, heel, crate, and place with gestures such as hand and voice commands.

UNLEASHED for $597.00 – a puppy Training, Behavior Modification, Obedience & Manners, and Dog Aggression & Reactivity course.

Customer reviews:

Customers do not have access to post product reviews on Instead, Google reviews are displayed on Thirty-eight Google reviews rated at an excellent 5/5 stars. Sixteen reviews of Diyk9 com Videos on Facebook rated at 4.8/5 stars. Three YouTube reviews about DIYK9 training were also positive.

Social media links:

Conclusion: gained an above-average 71% trust score, 47.8% business ranking, a suspicion score of 27%, a 30% threat, 17% phishing, 30% malware, and an 8% spam score. However, has a poor visitor count, zero Alexa ranking, and a 10/100 domain authority score. DIYK9’s registration will expire on 9th-February-2024 (short life expectancy). Hence, is suggested for experienced e-commerce users only.

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Diyk9 com Videos – FAQ

1Q. Are there any special discounts and coupons offered at

Yes. Sign-up is required to view offers.

2Q. Does support refunds?

Yes, it offered a 14-day money-back guarantee.

3Q. How much is DIYK9’s monthly membership fee?

US$19.99 via PayPal, all major debit and credit cards.

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