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Dhirendra Prasad LinkedIn: Is There Any Apple Photo Available? Reveal Facts Here!

In the below article, you will find the complete story of a scam in the Apple company led by Dhirendra Prasad LinkedIn.

What are the current charges applied to Dhirendra Prasad? What fraud did Dhirendra commit with the Apple company? Why are people looking for his LinkedIn profile? Dhirendra Prasad, the former employee of Apple, is doomed and sentenced to imprisonment and an approximately 30 million dollar penalty. 

Dhirendra was part of a team in the supply chain of Apple company in the United States. He made the Apple company when people heard about the big financial scam. Everyone wants to know about his current profession and what Dhirendra Prasad LinkedIn Profile says.


Current Scenario

Last week the court decided to give three years of imprisonment to Dhirendra Prasad, the ex-employee of Apple. Moreover, they also charged him $ 5.5 million for the government-seized arrest and scam. Dhirendra and two partners scam the Apple company for more than $ 17 million. So judges decided to return $17.4 million to Apple and $8 million as a penalty to the company.

Additionally, during the scam, he didn’t pay the tax to the IRS. As a result, he has to pay $1.8 million to the IRS, which makes his total of 32.7 million dollars a fine. Therefore, people are looking for Dhirendra Prasad Apple Photo as an employee of the company. People are also surprised to find out the current working status of Dhirendra Prasad, as he has to be a lot to the government and the company.

The judges mention that he has to pay the depth and suffer imprisonment for three years without any concession. 

Is Dhirendra Prasad pleaded Guilty?

Dhirendra Prasad agreed to all the crimes he committed with the Apple company. We also disclose the name of the partners Hansen and Baker, who helped him to scam Apple. He told the authorities the complete process he held to scam the company and how he made a huge pile of money with Apple.

Dhirendra Prasad LinkedIn Profile

People are curiously looking for the LinkedIn profile of Dhirendra Prasad, but unfortunately, his LinkedIn profile is not visible. While searching on LinkedIn, you will find multiple profiles of Dhirendra Prasad, but unlikely there is no validation that any of Dhirendra is working with Apple. 

However, people assume that Dhirendra, living in a foreign country, might be the one. Therefore people are getting the wrong idea about Dhirendra Prasad’s profile. There is no such picture of Dhirendra with which you can find the LinkedIn profile or other information about him. 

What was the complete scam?

People are waiting to see the Dhirendra Prasad Apple Photo and the story of his scam. Dhirendra Prasad and his two allies, Baker and Hansen, planned to scam the Apple company. In 2013, Dhirendra Prasad and Baker tried to sell the motherboard of pre-owned Apple devices. Baker and Dhirendra disassemble the parts, send them individually to Apple, and get huge amounts of money from their property. 

Later in 2016, Dhirendra Prasad was connected with Hansen, who used to repack the parts of Apple devices and revert to the company as a new order. It was a well-established plan, and they made good money from Apple by selling their parts back.

Dhirendra Prasad LinkedIn: Social Media links



Final Verdict 

The US court sentenced Dhirendra Prasad to 3 years imprisonment and a more than 30 million-dollar fine. He was an ex-employee of Apple company working as a supply chain member. However, people are looking for his LinkedIn profile and photos to get more information about him. All the people are surprised that he would pay such a huge debt after scamming the government and Apple company.

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Dhirendra Prasad LinkedIn: FAQs 

Q1 What is the current age of Dhirendra Prasad?

Dhirendra Prasad is 55 years old.

Q2 When was the First hearing of Dhirendra Prasad’s fraud?

The first hearing of his scam was held in March 2022

Q3 In which year did Dhirendra Prasad join the Apple company?

He joined the Apple supply chain in 2011.

Q4 What is the nationality of Dhirendra Prasad?


Q5 What is the full name of Dhirendra Prasad Allie in the scam?

Don Baker and Robert Hansen.

Q6 Is there any legit Dhirendra Prasad Apple Photo?

There are no legit images of Dhirendra Prasad available.

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