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Delphi Indiana Murders Richard Allen: What County Is Delphi Indiana In, Does Indiana Have The Death Penalty, Also Check Delphi Murders Update 2022

This post on Delphi Indiana Murders Richard Allen will update you about the murder of Abby and Libby in Indiana.

Do you know who murdered Abby and Libby? The long research of five to six years has come to an end and the criminal is finally handcuffed. People in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia, and family members of these two were continuously searching for Delphi Indiana Murders Richard Allen

We will discuss the details of this murder in depth. So, kindly read this post till the end and know everything about this killer.


Richard Allen: Indiana Murders Suspect

Around five years ago, two teens, Abigail Williams and Liberty German were killed when these two girls went on hiking on Delphi Historic Trails. The bodies were discovered the next day nearby the woods. Reportedly, Richard Allen, who was a popular face and worked at CVS pharmacy, was found guilty of two murders in Indiana. People and the family members of Abby and Libby were shocked when they knew about the true face of Richard Allen.

What County Is Delphi Indiana In?

Delphi, Indiana, is located in Carroll County. This city is 20 minutes’ northeast direction of Lafayette. According to data found in 2020 by the US census, it has a population of 2,961. Anita Werling is the mayor of the city. It is located in Indiana State. 

 Capital Punishment in Indiana

Many people were searching for the laws of Indiana after they noticed that the suspect is guilty of two murders. As per online research, first-degree murder is considered capital punishment in Indiana. It includes a certain types of murders that we will list below. People are asking: Does Indiana Have The Death Penalty? So, the answer to this question is Yes. 

Certain points are considered for a capital penalty (death penalty). These are:

  • The murder is atrocious, cruel, heinous, and involves torture.
  • The murder is committed by a vehicle or it can be committed near a motor vehicle that has lifted the defendant.
  • Killing the victim while he is waiting for someone. 
  • The murder was committed through a destructive device, bomb, or any explosives. 
  • The killing of a pregnant woman involved the intentional killing of the fetus too. 
  • The murder of a kid who is less than 12 years. 

All these murders are first-degree murders and committed for a capital penalty (death penalty). 

Delphi Murders Update 2022

As per the latest report, Delphi Murder’s suspect, Richard Allen, is arrested after doing a long research. The police officials were trying to solve this matter for 5 years. The grandmother of Libby said that the accused had printed the photos of Libby for her funeral. Becky Patty, the grandmother of Libby, said that the search for the murderer has consumed their family. Anna Williams, Abby’s mother has left the press conference as she did not have any words.


Delphi Murders Update 2022

About Richard Allen

Richard is a well-trained pharmaceutical technician. He is a 50-year-old man and had no criminal case before this. He is a father and had been a popular face in Indiana. As per Delphi Indiana Murders Richard Allen, he is found guilty of killing two teens Abby Williams (13) and Libby German (14) whose bodies were found on February 13, 2017, in the woods. 

People were shocked after they heard that Richard Allen is guilty of murder. The charge sheet has been filed in court against him.

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Delphi Indiana Murders Richard Allen: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. On whose murder Richard Allen was found guilty?

Ans. Allen was charged with killing Abby Williams and Libby German who was missing when they went hiking.

Q2. When were Abby and Libby’s dead bodies discovered?

Ans. Their dead bodies were found on February 13, 2017, the following day they were missing. 

Q3. How old were Abby and Libby?

Ans. Abigail Williams (Abby) was 13 while Liberty German (Libby) was 14. 

Q4. What was Richard Allen’s profession? 

Ans. Richard Allen was a 50 years old man and a well-trained pharmaceutical technician in CVS. 

Q5. Was Delphi Indiana Murders Richard Allen arrested?

Ans. The accused of the Delphi Indiana Murder, Richard Allen has been arrested and is in custody. 

Q6. What did Becky Patty, grandmother of Libby, say?

Ans. She said that they are left with the harsh reality that they had been living with the criminal of their granddaughter the whole time.

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