Deiby Y Leslie Video Viral: How It Went Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram & Twitter? Check Details Now!

Deiby Y Leslie Video Viral write-up discussed the video of social media influencer that went viral on the internet.

Are you searching for the leaked video of Deiby Ruiz that has gone viral on social media platforms? Is the leaked video of Deiby with his girlfriend available on social media platforms? Deiby Ruiz is a social media influencer who entertains fans with interesting videos on various social sites. 

The leaked video of an influencer with his girlfriend has shocked his fans Worldwide and dented the image of the social media star. Deiby Y Leslie Video Viral has summarized the content of the viral clip and shared its links.


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Deiby Ruiz Viral Video:

Deiby Ruiz Viral Video

A video of Deiby Ruiz with his girlfriend has gone viral, and people have reacted differently to the video. The video surfaced on the internet around 14th March 2023, showing Deiby arguing with his girlfriend. 

The argument started in an Uber cab and appeared original, but later, some netizens clarified that it was heavily edited. The discussion between the two also became a nuisance for the Uber driver.

Leslie Deiby Clip Viral On Reddit:

There are many links related to Deiby Cruz on Reddit, which talks of a viral video of Leslie and Deiby. We didn’t find any thread with video and pics of Leslie Deiby on this platform. The Reddit team has removed one thread on Reddit related to it.

Most links on this platform related to Deiby take the audience to a website that appears to be a scammer’s site. Some links also have a screenshot of the video, but nothing can be interpreted from it. Similarly, most Youtube videos on Leslie and Deiby have no content, and people are trying to get views from the keywords related to viral clips.

Deiby Ruiz Wiki/ Biography:

Name  Deiby Ruiz
Date of Birth  9th September 1997
Age  25 years
Nationality  Colombian
Birthplace  Cali, Colombia
Marital status  Single
Girlfriend  Katy Carrdona
Profession  Content creator and social media influencer
Parents  Not known
Zodiac sign  Virgo
Net Worth  Not known
Video niche  Prank video

Leslie Deiby Ruiz Video on Instagram and Facebook:

Deiby Ruiz has more than 1.8 million followers on and mostly posts pictures and videos of girlfriend pranks. In most of his videos and posts, his girlfriend Katy can be seen performing various acts. The Facebook video shows the argument between the two While Uber drivers look on.

The Facebook video is titled my girlfriend finished me in front of an Uber driver and has 71k likes and 723 comments. The Telegram platform also has links to the Leslie Deiby clip, but it has banned the account that posted the video.

Social Media Links:

Final verdict:

The video of Leslie and Deiby went viral a few days ago, but most platforms have removed the viral content.


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Deiby Y Leslie Video Viral: FAQs

Q.1 What type of content is mostly made by Deiby Cruz?

Deiby mostly makes prank content and involves his girlfriend, mother, and sister.

Q.2 Did Deiby make a video with influencer Belos?

Yes, Deiby made a dancing video with social media star Belos.

Q.3 Is the Deiby Leslie video still available on social sites?

We didn’t find Debi Leslie’s video on social media sites.

Q.4 How many followers does Deiby Crus have on Tiktok?

He has around 2 million followers on the Tiktok platform.

Q.5 When Deiby Cruz started his social media career?

Deiby started his social media career in 2017.

Q.6 Does Deiby Cruz have a presence on the social media site Facebook?

Yes, Deiby Cruz is present on Facebook and posts pictures and videos for fans.

Q.7 Is Deiby Leslie’s clip available on the Twitter Platform?

No, Deiby Leslie’s Video is not available on this platform.

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