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Cyber Pharmacy NFT (Oct 2021) Launching On Solana!

Have you ever heard of VIP perks that Cyber Pharmacy NFT offers to the holders? If you want detailed information, then read this post carefully.

Are you in search of a popular public blockchain that provides profitable NFTs? Then, kindly look at this write-up. 

Many people in the United States are hunting for investing in suitable platforms that might help them save a little penny for their future. However, there are certain scammers whose job is to steal the user’s delicate information with a greedy intention. 

So, we have dedicated this article to reviewing a recent NFT being launched on a popular Solana blockchain to provide ample benefits. Thus, let us discuss Cyber Pharmacy NFT in more detail.

What is Solana?

It is an open-source, decentralized public blockchain site that has increased in rate utilizing proof of stake and history. However, its cryptocurrency code is SOL. 

Moreover, it has a circulating supply of 293,511,228.57 SOL (as of the 13th of September, 2021). Also, during September, Solana possessed a market cap of $46B.

Introducing Cyber Pharmacist 

Cyber pharmacists are a team considering them as digital rebels to serve humanity through blockchain technology. Moreover, they own their responsibility, despite relying on governments and corporations. 

In addition, the live Cyber Pharmacy NFT on Solana blockchain provides a medium to gain additional values in various ways. Also, the NFTs provide profit to Solana through which the user can increase their network with several excellent projects. 

Thus, through implementing high-quality artwork and revolutionary techniques, Cyber Pharmacy offers a positive workplace and ecosystem. 

Meeting The Founder And Team

Name  Role 
Virgil Founder, Project Lead
Julian Lead Artist
Dollar Community Manager
Pete Lead Engineer
Digibabe Founder, Advisor
Mike Jay Technical Advisor

Value Prepositions of Cyber Pharmacy NFT

  • They have private marketplace access to offer users 
  • Cyber pharmacy has implemented 100% pure artwork developed under six months. 
  • They offer the clients wholesale pricing on some popular brands.
  • They have a mysterious royalty club aiming to increase their brand value. 

What Are Its Attractive Features? 

Characteristics  Description 
Real society The NFT collaborates with knowledgeable and reliable clients to prevent corruption.
Rarity  Cyber pharmacists are made up of unique and varied elements. 
Real art Their concept is quite rare and is produced within six months. 
VIP perks  Cyber Pharmacy NFT holders are offered to earn huge discounts on some online brands. 
Free trials  It is used to create brand awareness amongst the users. 
More brands  They are allowing extra brands to increase their network, including Sunshine Mushrooms.

Statistical Data 

Upon researching, we have not found any statistical data for this token. However, we will update this article as soon as we get the latest updates. 

What is Its Price?

As per the sources, we have gained that the price per NFT is 2.5 Sol TBD. 

How To View This Token?

If you want to detect Cyber Pharmacy NFT, then head to the Phantom wallet for Solana. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is the official website of Cyber Pharmacy?

A1. https://cyberpharmacy.io is the official website of the token.

Q2. How to view NFTs?

A2. The phantom wallet for Solana is the preferred medium to identify the NFTs status. 

Q3. What is the price of this NFT?

A3. Cyber Pharmacy’s price is 2.5 Sol TBD. Visit here to know more about this token

Final Words 

In this article, we have discussed a well-liked Cyber Pharmacy NFT, which offers many benefits to the user. However, we have detected that it is creating a network through the Solana blockchain. In addition, they have incorporated features including artwork and rare members to attract the traders online. However, the token has no statistical data at present. Visit here, if you’re looking for the latest bitcoin scammer list 2021.

What are your comments on this NFT? Write your thoughts below in the comment box. 

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