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Cryptopolis Token (Oct) How To Buy? Contract Address

Are you searching for the latest news on Cryptopolis Token? Then, kindly let us deliver the in-depth details through this post.

Do you want to collect, earn and win rewards, including NFTs in a game? Then let us help you with this article providing you with its entire detail. 

As per the reports, the people within India, and the United States want to earn profit by playing games, facilitating the user to play and earn simultaneously. Moreover, new generation cryptocurrencies are following the same rule, thereby attracting many youths. 

Throughout the article, we will investigate new crypto that has received much publicity in recent days. So, let us start hunting for a Cryptopolis Token

Understanding Cryptopolis

It is an NFT-based game where the users can select, gain, display and win tokens to others. In addition, in this game, you can play and socialize with your friends simultaneously. 

Moreover, with increased in-game levels, you have to upgrade yourself by renovating your luxurious apartments. Also, you can share your rare items and pets with friends. 

Utilities of The Token

With the in-game token $CPO, you can sell and buy rooms, apartments, pets, clothes as per convenience exclusively from Cryptopolis marketplace. Also, you can use the Cryptopolis Token to become a wealthier person in the future by trading it on different exchange platforms. 

Founders and Team Details 

Upon researching, we have found that this well-known cryptocurrency has been maintained by personalities including- 

Name  Role 
Niels Benjamins  Producer 
Deejay Riemsma  CEO
Leroy ter Braak Strategy and CMO
Jeffrey van Eeden  Advisor and CEO GameZone 

What Does It Offer?

Factors  Evaluation 
Profitable marketplace  The NFT marketplace will allow users to buy and sell cosmetics, furniture, clothing items with their belongings. 
Useful mini-games The mini-games increase your ability to earn either Cryptopolis Token or boosters. Thus, you can trade the token on suitable exchange platforms. 
Improved socialization  The system allows you to meet and greet with your friends by playing mini-games together. Also, you can visit their apartments to survey their levels.
Play and earn potential the user can achieve the $CPO tokens by winning mini-games. Furthermore, you can gain XPerience to upgrade yourself. 
Decoration facility  The game allows the user to customize their room by leveling up in the tower. 

Live Price of Cryptopolis Token

The latest price of CPO is $0.4793, with a market cap of $28,956,892 and a total supply of 20,952,085. Now, let us discover its statistical information. 

Market Supply And Statistical Data

  • The market rank of the token is #2741.
  • The 7-day low of CPO is $0.4546.
  • Token’s max supply is 1,500,000,000.
  • The fully diluted market cap of the token is $718,923,052.
  • The all-time high of CPO is $0.6848.
  • The token’s 24-hour volume is $9,771,609.
  • The total supply of Cryptopolis Token is 20,952,085.
  • CPO’s 7-day high is $0.6848.
  • The token’s all-time low is $0.4546.

How to Buy This Token?

PancakeSwap (V2) is the preferred exchange platform for CPO tokens. 


Q1. What is the Official Website of CPO?

A1. The official website of the token is https://cryptopolisgame.com. However, please be informed that the site is not working at present. 

Q2. What is the token’s Contract Address?

A2. The contract address of CPO is 0xea395DFaFEd39924988b475f2Ca7f4C72655203A.  Visit here for more on the token

Final Words

Throughout the post on Cryptopolis Token, we have learned about its founder details and Crytopoils game. Also, the post has shed light on the game’s features, including improved socialization and a useful marketplace. 

Moreover, the statistical data and the live price of the token have been mentioned evenly in the write-up. We have also mentioned the preferred exchange medium of CPO. 

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What do you think of this token? Tell us through commenting down below. 

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