Crypto Prophecies to PHP 2021.

Crypto Prophecies to PHP (July) Prediction & How To Buy?

Crypto Prophecies to PHP (July) Prediction & How To Buy? >> Explore your crypto prophets and use them in the battle arena to avail of the profit of the native tokens!

TCP or The Crypto Prophecies is the native token that investors in the Philippines, and many other parts of the world to wagering in every game mode, to buy items and characters. Besides, they may use TCP to pay the kingdom fee, leaderboard prizes, and rewards for the daily prize pool. Besides, they may get entry to time-limited activities, voting, and platform governance. 

If you want to know more about the Crypto Prophecies to PHP, the guide below will help you learn the facts.

What is the Crypto Prophecies?

The Crypto Prophecies or TCP is a decentralized peer-to-peer price prediction game with magical objects and NFT characters. 

It is a bet-based game where competitors compete to control the candles by anticipating how and when each will shut.

Besides, it is an actual beneficial game with a time limit, so users need to be quick with their predictions and keep an eye out for their opponent’s magical tricks.

After the battle, the winner receives the entire wager, minus a 3% Kingdom fee, further on the Kingdom charge eventually.

Price chart of Crypto Prophecies to PHP:

  • Price- 4.18 (-42.5%)
  • 24 Hours low- 3.79
  • 24H High- 7.30
  • 24 Hours Trading Volume- 113 147 528
  • Market cap- 142 763 250
  • Total Supply- 250 000 000
  • Market Rank- #1309

The Crypto Prophecies Price Statics:

The current price of TCP to PHP is ₱ 4.18, with a circulating supply of approximately 34.3 million cryptos or coins. 

The total volume exchanged of this crypto is about ₱ 113 152 596. Besides, the current Crypto Prophecies price is approximately $ 0.083156, with about $ 2,197,480 in twenty-four-hour trading volume for Crypto Prophecies to PHP

However, in the last twenty-four hours, the TCP or the Crypto Prophecies has lost about 42.66 percent of its value. 

Moreover, with the live market cap unavailability, the current ranking of TCP is #2636, and there is no circulating supply and a maximum quantity of approximately 250,000,000 of the Crypto Prophecies coins.

Is the Crypto Prophecies a good investment?

You may put your tokens on the line and compete against other players in an incredibly quickly mystical battle in which the winner takes home the entire profit. 

Upon launch, TCP or the Crypto Prophecies to PHP tokens have a total supply of approximately 250,000,000, with around eight percent in circulation. However, over five years, the residual supply lapses at varying periods.

Hence, check out the current price and TCP’s PHP value with analytical data before investing.

Where to buy the Crypto Prophecies or TCO?

The top exchanges for trading The Crypto Prophecies or TCP presently are as follows:

  • KuCoin, and  
  • ZT

Besides, to know additional exchanges, you may explore cryptocurrencies platforms to trade The Crypto Prophecies or TCP 

What are the FAQs?

Q-What is the total circulation of The Crypto Prophecies to PHP tokens?

  1. The complete circulation of The Crypto Prophecies or TCP token is 250 000 000.

Q- Who founded The Crypto Prophecies or TCP game?

  • The Crypto Prophecies or TCP game is created by Sergey Sudakov, Philipe Comini, and Paul Lindsell, and check here to know the complete details on Crypto Prophecies 


We have discussed the details of The Crypto Prophecies project, or TCP token in the article above that investors may go through and know its facts. It is one of the greatest price prediction trading games worldwide, and sign up for Crypto Prophecies to PHP to obtain free tokens and claim their spot in the crypto world. However, investors should check the details and find the Best App To Buy Cryptocurrency 2021.

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