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Crypto Planes (Feb 2022) Here’s All You Need To Know!

Do you want to experience exciting new game modes, NFT? The below guide, Crypto Planes, is just for you.

Are you a huge fan of paly to earn game that is based on Blockchain? Are you in search of a new Coin to begin your investment? Then your search led you to the right plot. So please stay connected with us until the end so that you won’t miss any crucial data.

At the end of this article, you will know what is Crypto Planes, who founded it and how to use it, a widely asked query in Brazil. So let us dive deep into the real topic.

About Cryptoplanes

CPAN is the symbol of Cryptoplanes; it is a standard BEP-20 deployed on BSC (Binance Smart Chain). The full form of Cryptoplanes is CryptoCity metaverse. It is a place where the popular NFT racing play CryptoCars was established. In this amazing game, every plane consists of 4 stats points: Speed, Fuel, Power, and Air.

There is a simple rule to play the game win the different battles like Training, PvP, PvC, and Planes vs Cars to bag Experience and win Coin. In addition, you can upgrade your plane level when you get enough Experience.

Founder Details of Crypto Planes

People in Brazil are also curious to know founders and team members, so we obtained the details based on our research.

  • Ly Tran – CEO & Founder
  • An Nguyen – CTO
  • Hai Phi – CBDO
  • Mai Dang – Designer
  • Quang Nguyen – Developer


All the below information is obtained from its official handles:

  • Play to win: 45% of Total Supply, i.e., 45M.
  • Advisor: 8% of Total Supply, i.e., 8M, goes to an advisor.
  • Core Team: 12% means 12M out of total supply.
  • Platform Development: 5% of the total supply (5M).
  • Marketing: 6% of total supply means 6M.
  • Airdrop: 1% of total supply 1M is for Airdrop.
  • Liquidity: 6% means 6M goes to LP.
  • Private sale: 5M for private sale.
  • IDO: 12M
  • Total Amount: 100M

How to use Crypto Planes Coin?

CPAN can be used both inside and outside the game:

Inside Game:

  • Carry out in-game digital payment to Buy or Sell assets.
  • For tournaments Reward.
  • For missions Reward.

Outside Game:

  • Use it for staking
  • Trade on DEXs.

How to Buy Cryptoplanes?

No information about the buying process is obtained; if anything is in the news, we will surely mention it here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the official website of Cryptoplanes?

A1. The official website of Cryptoplanes https://cryptoplanes.me/.

Q2. Who are the partners and Backers of Cryptoplanes?

A2. Coinmarketcap, Coigecko, and CryptoCARS.

Q3. How was Crypto Planes NFT created?

A3. Cryptoplanes NFT are created using the BEP-721 standards. Learn more about the new token here

The Bottom Line

As per our research, Cryptoplanes is a new token, and less data is obtained; we hope the team comes up with more information soon. However, we explored its roadmap and learned that Cryptoplanes have very good future planes like listing it on Pancakeswap, IDO, etc. If any updates are received, we will surely mention them here, so visit us soon.

Was our article helpful to you? What is the best part you liked in the overall Crypto Planes concept? Do let us know in the comment box below. Get the details of the next big crypto currency here

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