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Crypto Loka {Jan 2022} How To Buy? Address, Price, chart

League of Kingdoms or Crypto Loka offers excellent trading facilities to the buyers. Read the article and know more about the trading manners.

We have discussed many cryptocurrencies in recent times. But today, we introduce a new kind of cryptocurrency with a “Blockchain MMO” strategy. 

The name of the cryptocurrency is “League of Kingdoms” or “LOKA”. 

The token also supports the “NFT” protocols. The virtual coin is getting much attention in FranceItaly, and Spain due to its significant association. 

So, it is now our turn to find out the salient features, market information about the token and inform our readers. 

Welcome Crypto Loka and know more about it. 

What is the League of Kingdoms? 

It is excellent news that the investors of this cryptocurrency have a secure game mode. Yes, the “League of Kingdoms” offers various game features. 

So, it is enjoyable, and also one can earn money from it. The gamers or investors don’t need any particular system to make the token even though the good news. 

You can play the game on your personal computer and your mobile. It supports both IOS and Android platforms. So, gamers can have many opportunities to enjoy the game and earn cryptocurrency. 

Crypto Loka the Inventor(s)

As per the survey, we don’t find the founder’s name. But we know a very reputed developers team are involved behind the game. 

It offers a fantastic gaming experience to get their own virtual land and army. On the other hand, they can win some cryptocurrency and trade them. 

Like with Loke, a gamer can explore the robust NFT-Blockchain interface. You can trade your Loka cryptocurrency and do trade for them. The platform will give the traders a very secure and safe passage. 

Investors can earn more profit by having a higher level of the land. 

The Market Structure of Crypto Loka

Let’s focus on the market scenario of this cryptocurrency. 

  • Market Rate- 0.16 USD
  • Per User Cap- 15,000 USD (93,750 LOKA)
  • High and Low Rate- No information
  • Supply Ratio- 500,000,000 LOKA
  • Rank- No data
  • Sale Criteria- Subscription
  • Volume- NA
  • Cap Launchpad – 4,000,000 USD
  • Diluted version- No information
  • Coin Allocation- 25,000,000 VOXEL
  • Trading volume- NA

What are the Reasons for Buying? 

The investors in India and Brazil find many buying reasons, so they are investing in this cryptocurrency. Let’s find out the natural causes in the following discussion. 

  1. It offers fantastic gaming opportunities and experiences.
  2. You can play the game and earn the Crypto Loka
  3. The gaming interface is excellent. 
  4. The game offers various kinds of mediums like mobile phones and personal systems.
  5. You can trade your cryptocurrency in an easy and secure mode. 
  6. It is showing “MMO” methods. 
  7. Associated with “Blockchain NFT”. 

The Methods of Buying

How do you buy this cryptocurrency? Know the process in brief. 

  1. Open an account on the “BNB” exchange. 
  2. After logging in with “BNB”, you need to wait for eight days.  
  3. You can own the token by “BNB” average calculation. 
  4. After the “Binance” listing, you can start trading Crypto Loka


  1. Do I Know the Contract Address of League of Kingdoms? 

Yes the contract address is – 


  1. The Reason for Token’s trending? 

Recently “Binance” has introduced a new “Launchpool” for League of Kingdoms crypto. That is the main reason the news is trending among the investors. 

Final Submission

Many investors are passionate about this cryptocurrency. It offers elementary gaming tools and trading modes to traders. 

But we are all aware of the market of cryptocurrency. So, financial experts suggest checking all the parameters and investing in the Crypto Loka after that. 

Before starting your buying process, you can read the article How to Start Investing in Crypto Currency in 2022

You can also check the League of Kingdoms official website for more information. 

Do You Want to Invest in Loka Crypto? Please Comment. 

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