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Crypto Guards Coin (Jan 2022) Contract Address, Price!

This article gives you insight into the present and future market condition of the Crypto Guards Coin and tells you its important facts. Check it out once.

Do you want to earn crypto coins while enjoying an action-packed game on your device? Are you looking for a crypto coin that got a better return in future? Well, nowadays, NFTs are taking over the market of countries like Brazil, Thailand and many other countries. 

In this article, we will discuss one of the NFTs called Crypto Guards Coin and tell you about its market condition along with some interesting facts that every investor should know.

What is Crypto Guards?

Crypto Guards is an NFT game in which the player has to defeat opponents from a different world to gain the tokens. The NFT tokens are available in weapons that you can get after completing the missions and quests. 

Many trusted investors and groups support this NFT project, as this project is a good way for gamers to earn money through NFT tokens and get benefits from it. 

Who is the founder of Crypto Guards Coin?

Well, on the official website, you will find out the name of the members responsible for the development of this project. The CEO of Crypto Guard is Ly Tran, and the developer’s name is Thang Nguyen. You can get information about them on the official site of the Crypto Guard NFT. 

You can find their LinkedIn profiles and check their accomplishments and other necessary information on their profiles. 

Price chart of Crypto Guard Token

  • Price- $8.43
  • Price change (24H)- $0.4348
  • 24H low- $7.87
  • 24H high- $8.99
  • Trading volume- $9,917,978.94
  • Market rank of Crypto Guards Coin– #2854

Crypto guard token supply/market supply

  • Market capital- $118,028,011.52
  • Max supply- 100,000,000
  • Total supply- 100,000,000
  • Circulating supply- 14,000,000 CGAR
  • Fully diluted capital- $843,057,225.18
  • Contract address- 0x432c7cf1de2b97a013f1130f199ed9d1363215ba

Will the price of the Crypto Guards token rise up in the future?

People like to invest only in those cryptocurrencies that have a better return on investment in the future. However, most of the NFTs perform better in the present time, but their market condition degrades in the future. That’s why it is important to know the prediction price of the crypto coin.

  • Our research team has gathered information on the Crypto Guards Coin regarding its prediction price.
  • The token price will rise in the future and reach $13 and $14 in 2023 and 2024.
  • In the upcoming 2026 and 2027, the price will be $22.53 and $29.36. 
  • The coin will reach $35.41 in 2028 and keep on rising. 

How to get a Crypto Guards token?

If you are interested in buying and investing in this token, then here are the steps that you need to follow to get the tokens from a trusted website. 

  • Go to the official website of the Crypto guards or check the trusted website like Cryptocars, Cryptoplanes and many more. 
  • Login with your ID and enter the contract address of Crypto Guards Coin to know its information.
  • Select the quantity which you want to swap.
  • Verify the information and click on the exchange to get the token in your digital wallet. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question1: Who is the founder of Crypto Guards?

A: The founder of Crypto Guards is Ly Tran.

Question2: What is the Market value of Crypto Guards?

A: The present market value of Crypto Guards is $8.43. You can check out this link to know other market information.

Wrapping it up

With the above information, we can conclude that Crypto Guards Coin is a profitable token to invest in as it will rise in future according to the prediction price. In the comment section, you can tell us your views and opinions on the Crypto Guards Token and read here to know the best cryptocurrency trading apps in 2021 before investing. 

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