Coinary Dragonary 2021

Coinary Dragonary {Aug 2021} Token Price, How to Buy?

Coinary Dragonary {Aug 2021} Token Price, How to Buy? >> This article gives you information about recently launched Cryptocurrency, its performance and trend.

Are you considering options to earn at the comfort of your home? Would it be exciting to earn by playing games? Are you interested in long-term investment in Cryptocurrency? Based on these concepts, gaming companies are developing games where you can trade in Cryptocurrency. 

The Coinary Dragonary game was launched recently. Gamers trading in Cryptocurrency are investing in this game, specifically from the Philippines, Venezuela, Argentina and Spain.

Before investing in Coinary, we suggest you read this entire article to know more facts about it

About Coinary Token:

Dragonary is an online game available on the iOS App Store and Google Play. It neither requires any third-party app nor virtual wallet synchronization. There are no network (or) transaction fees for doing trading (or) for receiving NFTs. 

BEP-20 and ERC-20 technology is used for the Coinary. Coinary Dragonary operates on CLO (or) Callisto Network in BSC. This token is the main currency in the Dragonary game and Coinary multiverse.

Coinary aims at eluding price increase by limiting the token amount to one billion tokens only. These tokens will be supplied over a period of ten years. 

Coinary Token Founder:

The founder of Coinary is Yohan Graterol. However, it is known that an ICO did not finance it. As Coinary is formed on blockchain Callisto Network, most of the Coinary holders are also from Callisto.

Coinary Dragonary Price:

The price of 1 Coinary Token is $ 0.66773766. Looking at the trend in Cryptocurrency, the future value of this token is given below:

$ 0.76732560 by the end of 2022

$ 0.85246300 in 2023

$ 0.89659602 in 2024 and

$ 0.91528402 in 2025

Coinary Token Market:

  • Price is $ 0.00
  • Transfers are 8,867
  • Coinary token Holders- 4757
  • Total Supply is 999,238,351.092392 Coinary
  • Market Cap is $26,597,935,831,999,555.
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap is $ 0.00
  • Decimals is 9
  • Market Rank is Not Available
  • 24h volume is $156,307,353,200

How to buy Coinary Dragonary?

Currently, we will show you the procedure of trading via Apeswap.

  1. User need to register on Binance Smart Chain(BSC) portal,
  2. Complete registration by filling in Know Your Customer(KYC) information,
  3. Next step to buy Dragonary coins is to buy Binance coins
  4. On Apeswap, accept agreement, rules and regulations,
  5. Access your MetaMask wallet and connect to Binance
  6. Select interchange option
  7. Select Coinary token(CYT) to interchange
  8. Considering the price, you can decide on buying Coinary

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. What is the Official Link of Coinary Dragonary?

A1. is the official link of the website.

Q2. What is the official Contract Address to Use?

A2. Use 0x6182d2cd59227c20B486a53976dcEeAF38e76Eed as Coinary Coin’s contract address

Q3. What is the launching date?

A3. Saturday, August 7th is the release date at 16:00 UTC.

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Coinary is recently launched in August. Therefore, it will take time to judge its performance based on monthly and quarterly trends. Hence, we do not recommend you to invest in Coinary. But, we would suggest you watch its performance and consider investing in Coinary Dragonary only after few weeks. 

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