Coin Baby Kitty (Feb 2022) How To Buy? Contract Address

About General Information Coin Baby Kitty

The guide shares details about the new crypto called Coin Baby Kitty to help investors make the right decision.

The fall in May introduced the new coin Baby Doge, and the fall in Dec introduced the new king baby called Baby Kitty. It is a godsend for many investors in the United States and Brazil, and those who will hold the coin can get rich quickly, as claimed on the website. 

It is launched as the MeMe token, and it features on the BSC exchange. It aims to help the investors focus on DogeCoin and Coin Baby Kitty because it is human’s best friend. 

Let us check more information on Baby Kitty.

What is Baby Kitty Coin?

Baby Kitty is the new Crypto coin featuring on the BSC platform. The coin aims to launch as the first MeMe token, and the vision of the coin is to attract worldwide investors not only to the DogeCoin but also the Baby Kitty.

The coin attracts worldwide investors to focus on the rescue work of the stray kitty and contribute their potency at the end. The charity works of the investors will empower the tokens.  

The Coin Baby Kitty also aims to create a 10K consensus in the future and can surpass all the MeMe tokens available on the exchanges.

Who is the Owner of Baby Kitty?

After evaluating online, we have not found any data about the owner of the crypto token. However, we found that the token is active on social media, and you can follow the token on Twitter.

The social media page had not clarified who the token owner is and when it was launched. So, we can’t share the data regarding the token owner.

Market Capitalization, Live Price and Supply of Coin Baby Kitty

The live price of Baby Kitty is $1.20e-18, with a hike of 199.47% in the last 24 hrs. The token’s trading volume in the last 24 hrs is $1583 990. It has registered a hike of 199.47% in volume. 

The token has grabbed the market ranking of $3104, and it is decided according to the market capitalization, i.e., $11 978 610. The fully diluted market capitalization of this coin is $0.01. 

As per the records, there is no data on the total circulating supply of the token. However, the maximum supply of the token is 9 007 199 254 740 991 BABYKITTY.      

The Process to Buy Coin Baby Kitty

  • The token is available for purchase on the PanCakeSwap exchange
  • Users need to link their digital wallet to the exchange
  • Move the funds to buy BSC to swap it for BABYKITTY
  • Search the token using its contract address 0x3efe3bee4dbeb77d260bc12aeb62072cf6e68478
  • Enter the number of coins you wish to swap
  • Click on the “Swap” button
  • Get hold of the Coin Baby Kitty and secure it on your wallet   


Q1. What is the Official Website of Baby Kitty?

A1. As per the sources, the official link of the coin is

Q2. What is the Baby Kitty’s Contract Address?

A2. The Baby Kitty’s contract address that investors must use is 0x3efe3bee4dbeb77d260bc12aeb62072cf6e68478

Q3. What is the Live Market Ranking of Baby Kitty?

A3.  As per the exchanges, the current market ranking of the token is #3104.


Baby Kitty was launched to defeat the major MeMe coins in the crypto exchanges. However, it claims to help investors become rich by holding the Coin Baby Kitty. Baby Kitty is the BSC featuring a token that aims to attract investors to focus on the rescue of the stray Kitty. 

But, before investing in the token, you must learn the best crypto to invest in 2022.

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