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Chris Flanagan Obituary: Find Cincinnati Biography, Age, Parents, Net worth, Height & More Wiki Facts Here!

Chris Flanagan Obituary has shared condolence messages and details of the life and achievement of the Madeira city school Principal.

Are you searching for an article on the Madeira City school principal’s death? Do you want to know the cause that led to his early demise? The unexpected death of the city school principal has saddened the locals in the area as they mourn his passing away.

The Province Governor announced the lowering of the flag on the government building on his funeral day and declared that the city would miss his leadership. Chris spent half his life teaching kids and was popular among Madeira, Ohio, United States citizens. Chris Flanagan Obituary details the life and achievement of the deceased Principal.


Disclaimer:  The post content is based on internet research and has an obituary announcement. It intends to pay tribute to the passing soul by sharing his life details and achievement.

Chris Flanagan Unexpectedly Died on 24th April 2023:

The elementary school principal Chris Flanagan Madeira unexpectedly died on Monday night at Jewish Hospital. The city of Madeira shared a Twitter post stating, “We are saddened to hear the news of the passing away of Madeira school Principal Chris Flanagan. His leadership will be missed throughout the community”. 

The city schools in Madeira remained closed on Tuesday to mourn the death of Chris while people shared condolence messages on social sites.

Chris Flanagan Cincinnati LinkedIn Profile:

The Chris Flanagan profile shows him as the Principal of Madeira Elementary School. He joined the school in 2016 and remained with it till his death. Flanagan spent twenty-five years of his life teaching in school in different capacities.

He worked for Forest Hills school district for five years and eleven months as Principal of Ayer elementary school for four years and assistant principal at Mercer elementary school for two years. 

Chris Flanagan Wiki:

Name  Christopher Flanagan
Nick Name  Chris Flanagan
Date of Birth  1972
Place of Birth  Ohio, United States
Nationality  American
Profession  Teaching and Administrative work in school
Current residence  Madeira, Ohio
Marital status  Married
Wife  Danielle Flanagan
Children  Jack, Maggie, Emma, and Molly
School  Not known
College  Saint Michaels College
University  Xavier University 
Highest Education  Masters, Elementary Education
Current working  Principal, Madeira city school
Famous for  Community works 
Died on  23rd April 2023
Parents  Not known

Chris Flanagan Cause of Death:

Chris died at a Jewish hospital on Monday night, and city schools remained closed on Tuesday. The State Governor also announced that flags at all of the Madeira City buildings would remain at half-staff, but Chris’s cause of death is unknown. 

Some reports in the media suggest that Chris may have died a natural death. The Madeira City social media site has no information on the cause of his death. 

Chris Flanagan Biography, Life and Achievement:

Most people knew Chris as someone who worked for the welfare of school students. In 2013 he spent the nights on the roof with children to collect $ 31000 for the Ayer elementary school. Flanagan also showed his human side in 2019, safely escorting students to their homes on a bus when the plane crashed 3 miles from school.

Christopher Flanagan Net worth:

Flanagan came to Cincinnati in 1998 and joined as a teacher in the Finneytown local school district. He spent twelve years teaching and later joined Madeira city school as Principal. He spent most of his life as a teacher and Principal of a school in Ohio province and earned a salaried income. The wealth Chris generated from his teacher and principal work is not in public.

Chris Flanagan Weight, Height & More:

Chris’s images on social media sites indicate that he was a tall and well-shaped man, but we have no exact details on his physical appearance.

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The early demise of Chris Flanagan shocked his colleagues and the entire Madeira city community. His wife called the Anderson Hills Church pastor Kollmann to inform him of Chris’s death. Will you miss Chris Flanagan as a Madeira community member? Please comment.

Chris Flanagan Obituary: FAQs

Q.1 Who is organizing the GoFundMe account for the Flanagan Family?

Gwen Roemer has set up the GoFundMe account for Flanagan Family.

Q.2 How much funds have been collected by the GoFundMe account for Chris Flanagan?

The account has raised $67.878 and is nearing its target of $75,000

Q.3 What is the working profile of Chris Flanagan’s wife?

Danielle Flanagan is a kindergarten teacher at Ayer Elementary School.

Q.4 When will Chris Flanagan’s Funeral be held?

We have no information on Chris Flanagan’s funeral date.

Q.5 How old was Chris Flanagan at the time of his death?

Chris Flanagan died at the Age of 50.

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