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[Full Video Link] Chinese Acrobat Falls To Death Video: How Falls to Her Death Full VideoViral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram, And Twitter?

The article deeply explains the Chinese Acrobat Falls to Death Video, why it is trending on the internet, and the true reasons behind the accident.

Do you guys feel astonished by the stunts of acrobats? Have you been cheered up from the ground by seeing all their flying stunts and breathtaking moments? But what if the acrobats fell to the ground unknowingly and took up the lives of that person? The person might have died!

Similar accidents happened recently and left the people of the Philippines, United States, Canada, United Kingdom in great shock. This article fully explains the details of the Chinese Acrobat Falls to Death Video, the reasons behind it, and the findings about the accident.

Reasons behind the accident

The trending video shows the talented acrobats Sun Moumou and Zhang Moumou performing for a show in the central Anhui Province village of Hougao. The beginning of the Viral On Reddit video went well; both were tied to the cable and flying through the air, but they didn’t wear any safety belts for themselves.

During one stunt, Sun was standing on the feet of her husband. The next movement was for Sun to hold her husband’s neck, which she did, but unfortunately, she lost the grip on his head, and the poor husband also failed to save her. Then the acrobat’s wife fell from a height of 30 feet; this is the true incident behind that TikTok video.

After she fell from the cable, everyone rushed to take her to the hospital, but it was of no use; the acrobat lost her life.


If we carefully watch those clippings of the incident that went viral on Twitter, the woman has lost her balance. Thus, the first chance of saving her failed, but if her husband had been more concentrated during that moment, he could have saved his wife, and this is a common opinion of people on many social media sites like Instagram.

Some people started to speculate about her husband because, according to the Chinese news updates, it is shared that Zhang and Sun fought earlier before the performance, which is why Sun refused to wear her safety belt.

This additional information has also spread on many YouTube channels.

Zhung, in an interview, strongly opposed that news and confirmed that they were a happily married couple and expressed his deep pain after losing his wife. So, several rumours were spreading on the internet and many Telegram channels regarding this clipping.

People’s reaction to the clipping

The general public reacted in two different ways: one set of people expressed their sadness for the couple, while some pointed out the program host’s negligence. If the person is doing some stunts at 30 feet, they should compulsorily wear the safety belt, but Sun didn’t, and the host continued their programme. Most of them criticised the poor safety measures of that acrobat show.

Final happening

After the Acrobat Falls to Her Death Full Video became viral, global attention was turned towards that accident. Government officials took the case for further investigation and fined that program host for conducting unapproved commercial performances in that area. But all thanks to the video, which triggered the officials to act faster.

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 Acrobat falls to death during routine with husband

FAQs in context to Chinese Acrobat Falls to Death Video

  • What has actually happened?

Answer – A clip circulating on twitter and other social media clearly shown the deadly fall of the female performer named Sun Moumou. She was executing with Zhang Moumou – her husband, in the show. The show was happened  on last Saturday in Hougao which is a village in the Anhui, China.

  • Does she has a family behind?

Answer – She was a mother of two children, as per the reports.

  • What exactly happened between the couple just prior to the incident took place?

Answer – According to the – The Paper-News website reports – the couple were indulged in some hot arguments when such devastating incident took place. Before they begin the stunt, Sub – the female performer was asked to use proper safety measures and unfortunately, she refused.

  • Was the couple involved in such stunts professionally?

Answer – According to the – The Paper-News website reports – Zhang, Sun’s husband, and she were working for the past many years together and had always performed various stunts with each other that too without using any safety measures.

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