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Chiefs Player That Killed Himself: How Linebacker Caused Girlfriend Death? Check Details Here!

If you want to know who is the Chiefs Player That Killed Himself and other related information for that, read the article now.

Who is the Chiefs Player that killed himself? Why did the Chiefs Player kill him? Where did the tragic Suicide take place? Who else was killed along with the Chiefs Player?

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What happened with the Chiefs Player?

A 25-year-old Kanas City Chiefs player, Jovan Belcher, shot his girlfriend and took his life in December 2012. Various sources claimed that Linebacker Jovan Belcher shot Kasandra Perkins, his girlfriend, and then shot himself in the Arrowhead Stadium. After the Chiefs Linebacker Death, this news is circulating online.

A media page named Newsday shared a post on Twitter. Captioned the post as the police say KC Chiefs Jovan Belcher committed Suicide in front of his coach and general manager. We have attached the social media links below.

How did a Chiefs Player commit Suicide?

The Police Captain, Mr. David Lindaman, said the media at first Jovan Belcher shot his 22-year-old girlfriend and killed her. Later, he visited his General Manager, Scott Pioli, and Head Coach, Romeo Crennel, at Arrowhead Stadium. While speaking to them, he shot himself with a gun.

Why did Chiefs Linebacker Killed Girlfriend?

After the tragic incident, Belcher’s mother released some statements to the police. Belcher’s mother said that Jovan Belcher and his girlfriend were arguing about their child’s custody. As in who would care for their child, as Jovan Belcher entered another relationship with a woman. All these things upset Belcher, and he took his and his girlfriend’s life.

People’s reactions to the incident!

After hearing Belcher’s death news, Belcher’s agent Joe Linta and a representative for Romeo Crennel (Coach) couldn’t believe it. Initially, after hearing the news, she thought it was a prank. Several media pages revealed later that the Chiefs Player That Killed Himself was linebacker Jovan Belcher.

The CNN Breaking News shared a post on Twitter. They captioned it as police saying the Chiefs Player that committed Suicide is linebacker Jovan Belcher, 25 years old.

A Reddit user named tornado 1 shared a post and captioned the post as police say Kanas City Chiefs player fatally shot himself.

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In an interview, Chiefs Andy Reid discussed the tragic incident of Jovan Belcher with the media. For more clarity on the incident, one can watch the video.

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Chiefs Player That Killed Himself-FAQs

Q1. When did Jovan Belcher die?

AHe died on 1st December 2012.

Q2. What is the cause of Jovan Belcher’s death?

The cause of his death was Suicide.

Q3. Where did Jovan Belcher die?

AHe shot himself in the parking area of Arrowhead Stadium.

Q4. Who are the two witnesses present when Jovan Belcher took his own life?

Jovan Belcher shot himselfbefore Scott Pioli, his general manager, and Head Coach Romeo Crennel.

Q5. In front of whom Jovan Belcher killed his girlfriend?

Jovan Belcher killed his girlfriend in the presence of her girlfriend’s mother.

Q6. Who is Jovan Belcher’s daughter?

Jovan Belcher’s daughter’s name is Zoey.

Q7. Who is raising Jovan Belcher’s daughter?

Jovan Belcher’s daughter is presently under the care of his girlfriend’s family.

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