Arguments in Favor of a Cheap SSL Wildcard

Arguments in Favor of a Cheap SSL Wildcard

being intercepted or altered by outside parties by encrypting it when it is delivered between a website and its users. While there are many different SSL certificate options, website owners who want to secure several subdomains will find a wildcard SSL certificate to be an exceptionally useful tool. In this article, we’ll analyze the benefits of a cheap SSL wildcard and present a case for its superiority for website owners.

A Wildcard SSL: What is it?

An SSL certificate known as a wildcard can be used to secure numerous subdomains that are part of a single domain name. A wildcard SSL certificate, for instance, can encrypt all of your website’s subdomains, such as,, and, with a single certificate. When generating the certificate, a wildcard (*) character is used in the domain name field to achieve this. By using this command, the certificate authority is instructed to issue a certificate that can be used for any subdomain under the given domain name.

Avoid paying more than necessary.

Of course, cost reduction is one of the main advantages of a cheap SSL wildcard. A wildcard SSL certificate, as was already said, can protect numerous subdomains with a single certificate. This implies that you may buy a single wildcard SSL certificate and use it to secure all of your subdomains rather than having to acquire an SSL certificate specifically for each one. This can save website owners a lot of money, especially if they have a lot of subdomains.

A inexpensive SSL wildcard also has the benefit of being simpler to administer than many SSL certificates. It can take a lot of time to manage many SSL certificates, and it’s simple to forget when a certificate needs to be renewed. You just need to maintain one certificate when using a wildcard SSL certificate, making it simpler to keep track of and renew as necessary.

A cheap SSL wildcard is just as secure as a more expensive SSL certificate in terms of security. The encryption level remains the same, and the certificate authority is still a reputable organization. This implies that, even with a cheap SSL wildcard, you can be sure that your website is secure.


In conclusion, website owners who want to secure numerous subdomains have a lot of options, including an inexpensive SSL wildcard. It can be considerably simpler to administer than several SSL certificates, and it not only offers cost savings. Remember that a cheap SSL wildcard offers just as much protection as a more expensive SSL certificate, so you don’t have to forgo security in order to save money. Consider a cheap SSL wildcard as a solution to secure your website and save money if you are the owner of a website with several subdomains.

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