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Chantal Jimenez Video: Are The Death Photos Still Trending on Instagram? Check Twitter Latest News Now!

The Chantal Jimenez Video created a lot of controversies among the fans and followers of Chantal Jimenez.

Do you know who Chantal Jimenez was? Do you have any idea why a video of Chantal Jimenez spread like wildfire? The death of Chantal Jimenez left everyone speechless. Her death became a Worldwide trending topic. 

Recently, video footage of Chantal Jimenez’s death scene went viral on social media platforms. People continuously searched for the Chantal Jimenez Video on social media to see what exactly happened.


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Which video made ordinary people speechless?

The video that went viral on social media platforms contains bloody pictures. Last Saturday night, the ex-partner of Chantal Jimenez killed Chantal in her home. But after killing her, the murderer also committed suicide. 

Jensy Graciano Cepeda, the ex-partner of Chantal Jimenez, shot her first, and then he shot himself. The death Photos are still available on the internet. 

What did Chantal Jimenez’s family say about her death?

Roque Jimenez, the father of Chantal Jimenez, is still in shock. He could not believe that Jensy Graciano Cepeda murdered her daughter. The whole family of Chantal Jimenez is mourning her death. 

Who was Chantal Jimenez?

Chantal Jimenez was a twenty-five-year-old social media influencer. She was popular on Instagram and TikTok. She has a huge fan following on Instagram. The sudden death of Chantal Jimenez also made her fans and followers numb. 

You can also check our “Social Media Sites Links” section to see Chantal Jimenez’s fan’s reaction to her death news. 

Is the Video Death still available on the internet?

No, you cannot find the original death video of Chantal Jimenez on the internet. As the video was full of blood and violence, it was removed from the internet. But those who are still wanting to watch the video can find some screenshots of the original video. We like to warn our readers that the pictures are full of blood. So, watch it at your own risk. 

Was Chantal Jimenez a victim of domestic violence?

Yes, this can be true. Before the death of Chantal Jimenez, she posted a video on Instagram. In that video, Chantal Jimenez was talking about hitting a person. She said that some people do not mind hurting other people. They hit their closest person to feel better. You can still find the video on Chantal Jimenez’s official Instagram account. 

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Summing Up:

You can search for the recent updates of this trending news on Twitter. But we request our readers not to watch those unedited bloody pictures of Chantal Jimenez. It might be disturbing for you. You can also click here to watch the death explanation YouTube video of Chantal Jimenez.

Have you already watched the video of Chantal Jimenez? Please comment.

Chantal Jimenez Video– FAQ Section:

Q.1 Was Chantal Jimenez committed suicide?

Ans. No. Her ex-partner murdered her. 

Q.2 Who was the murderer of Chantal Jimenez?

Ans. Jensy Graciano Cepeda.

Q.3 How old was Chantal Jimenez at the time of her death?

Ans. She was only twenty-five years old.

Q.4 Was Chantal Jimenez a model?

Ans. Yes. 

Q.5 How many followers does Chantal Jimenez have on Instagram?

Ans. More than 96.3k followers.

Q.6 Where did the funeral ceremony of Chantal Jimenez organize?

Ans. At the Espíritu de Dios funeral home in Santo Domingo.

Q.7 Where did the body of Chantal Jimenez keep before burial?

Ans. At the National Institute of Forensic Sciences of Christ the Redeemer. 

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