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[Full New Video Link] Cat In The Blender Video Unblocked: Check What Is In The Cat in Blender Original Video

Cat in the Blender Video Unblocked is trending again on the internet, and the video has started to make rounds.

Are you aware of the Cat in Blender Video? Have you watched the Cat in the Blender video before? Do you know the Cat in the Blender video is unblocked? If you are also wondering about the same things on Cat in the Blender Video Unblocked, then this article is here to understand the whole situation. In the United States, the video went viral.


Cat in Blender Video Details  

The content of the video is sensitive and gore. People freaked out when they saw the video because, in the video, some anonymous people were putting a cat into a blender (that has sharp blades) and then hitting the on button. The Cat was alive while being blended and endured the torture, but it was covered in blood. This video was circulated heavily on the internet. The video was posted on a Twitter account initially.

Disclaimer: The article Cat in Blender is an extremely sensitive topic; we suggest the readers go through the details of the video before watching it.

Cat in Blender Original Video

The claims report that the disturbing cat video was uploaded on Twitter by an account named ‘ScaryContent18’, but the person who uploaded it is not the culprit of the act; they have just simply uploaded the video on the internet. People have also reported that after it was kept in the microwave.  

After being blended, many have also claimed to watch a 2nd part of the video on the internet. The original video was said to be uploaded on some Chinese social media. The perpetrator is also a person from China (allegedly). 

Details About the Perpetrator 

The details of the Cat in Blender Guy Video who committed this heartless act are available on the internet, but the authenticity of the details cannot be ensured. Because people on the internet tracked down the person by some clue; for example, the blender used in the video had something written in Chinese etc. Thus, the person’s name is Xu Zhihui, a food content creator in China.  

People wanted to reveal the person’s identity and report it to the authority so that the proper action could be taken against the person behind the Cat in the Blender Video Unblocked. As per sources, but in China, cats’ flesh is eaten by most people, which is very common there; thus, killing a cat to eat it is not illegal there.  

Was the Guy Arrested & Why?

Yes, the man behind the cat blending video was arrested by the local cops. Because he posted such clips online, he was not taken into custody based on animal torture but for posting an inappropriate video online. No, the criminal offence has been made against him.

After some time, Xu was arrested, and some of his friends came on a live video and threatened netizens to post more similar videos to Cat in the Blender Video Unblocked as a result of revenge after what happened with their friend. 


The video circulated rapidly online, and the Cat in a Blender video shocked many people worldwide. Everyone who watched the video has had sleepless nights; some even cried a lot after watching it. The culprit is said to be from China and is behind bars right now. Now, lighten up the mood and watch this cute cat video here.

Have you ever watched Cat in Blender video? Please let us know whether to watch it or not through the comments.

Update On Cat in the Blender Video Unblocked: FAQs

Q1. Is the Cat in Blender viral video unblocked?

A1. No, the video is still not available on the internet easily.

Q2. Why is a Cat in the Blender video considering the worst video of all time?

A2. The Cat in the Blender video is a disturbing and heart-breaking video. It impacted many people adversely.

Q3. How Netizens reacted to the video?

A3. The Internet users were very distressed to watch the video; many said they could not sleep at night because it was disturbing.

Q4. What is the name of the alleged preparator?

A4. The culprit’s name is X Zhihui, and he is from China.

Q5. Is the news about Cat in the Blender Video Unblocked true?

A5. As of now, the latest details about the recent trending topic have yet to be found. 

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