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Cartup Crypto (Sep 2021) Price, Prediction & How To Buy?

Please go through this account to learn about the newly formed Cartup Crypto, whose pre-sale is live, and shall soon be enlisted in major crypto exchanges.

Cryptocurrency has entered into various spheres in today’s world with its innovative asset handling and management technologies. In today’s world, when most of the systems are electronic, crypto tokens also have found their way to decentralize the e-commerce system. Uniting cryptocurrency with teleshopping shall take the notion and fame of virtual currency to another level. 

In today’s article, we have talked about the Cartup Crypto, which aims at decentralizing the payment procedures for e-shoppers worldwide, including the United States.

What is Cartup?

Cartup is a decentralized crypto platform backed by the Ethereum blockchain that will provide cryptocurrency payments for electronic commerce portals. It shall also offer contactless crypto chip cards for executing the payments. 

Cartup will operate by the collaboration between banks and its mobile wallet. It will be the pioneer international e-portal where customers can carry out transactions using cryptocurrency and its’ token, termed CRT. Several popular merchants have joined hands with this crypto.

Founder of the Cartup Crypto

Jeroen Hendriks founded the idea behind this crypto platform in November 2017 and is its current CEO and COO.

Price of the Cartup Token Today

The token is presently undergoing its pre-sale and is yet to be launched in the crypto exchanges. The developers have set its initial value at $0.01. In other words, 100 CRT is equivalent to $1. 

Cartup Coin Supply / Market Supply

The Cartup coin distribution has not yet begun in the marketplace to standardize its statistical data. It is currently in the process of its pre-sale. The team of Cartup Crypto has achieved 68% of its target that was set as a prerequisite benchmark for releasing the tokens. 

The total supply of this crypto token shall be kept at 300,000,000 CRT. Its target market cap is $15,000,000, out of which $10,000,000 have already been raised. 

How To Purchase The Cartup Coins?

At present, the Cartup token is available for pre-sale at $0.01 per unit from the official website. The sale shall continue for another month, concluding which the Cartup token shall be listed in Coinbase and Binance. Thus, we have mentioned the steps below to buy the Cartup Crypto token from Binance once included in their listing. 

  • Go to the Binance portal and complete the procedure for the creation of an account via your e-mail address and password.
  • Check your inbox for the confirmation link mailed by Binance, and verify the same. 
  • Complete the KYC and Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) processes.
  • Choose your preferred payment option, either from deposition of currency in your fiat wallet or a debit or credit card.
  • Select CRT from the menu once it is listed on Binance.

Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is the total supply of the Cartup Crypto tokens?

A1. The total supply of this crypto token is 300,000,000 CRT. 

Q2. What is the share of tokens reserved for crowdsale?

A2. The token share that will be distributed for crowdsale is 43% of the total number of CRT. 

Q3. Till when is the pre-sale of this token live?

A3. The pre-sale of the Cartup tokens shall be conducted till 4 October 2021. 

Q4. On which crypto exchanges shall this crypto coin be first enlisted?

A4. The Cartup token shall be first launched in Binance and Coinbase.


The Cartup Crypto aims to modify the payment systems of e-commerce portals through its wallet. Their team is planning to introduce its mobile application in December 2021. You can peruse Cartup’s whitepaper to know about the various merchants that it shall support. However, we suggest you read the Best Cryptocurrency To Invest In 2021 For Long-Term before indulging in this crypto.

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