Latest News Pendaftaran Pendaftaran: Relevant Details Of 2023 Here!

The website on Pendaftaran shares the details on its current 2023 recruitment and hiring process only for Indonesian Citizens.

Have you heard about the Perum Bulog hiring process? Do you know about the Bulog Company? Is the Perum Bulog Company hiring new candidates?

The blog shares informative details on the website, which is trending in Indonesia. Keep reading this blog for more explanation on the Pendaftaran recruitment news. We will discuss some essential facts on the Perum Bulog website here. Pendaftaran Website Details!

Perum Bulog is an Indonesian state-owned food logistics company famous for its community service. The Bulog Company has its official website in the name of After logging in to the Bulog official website, one can learn about the Company’s 2023 registration process.  

Why is Perum Bulog Company on the News?

The company is currently in the news for its Pendaftaran Bulog 2023 recruitment procedure. From 23 to 26 November, interested candidates can register for the current requirement process of Bulog. The company is presently hiring for the (SMA/SMK) Warehouse Executive Staff position, the (D3) Kancab Executive Staff position, and the (S1) Regional Office Executive Staff position. Also, the Bulog platform has announced that the registration process is free.

How to Register for the Bulog Recruitment Process?

Check the below steps to complete the Bulog registration process:-

  • Interested persons can register themselves through the Pendaftaran Website.
  • Only applicants with the required qualifications can register themselves.
  • Also, you can find other details on the registration procedure on the website.

Documents Necessary for the Registration Process

The candidates must provide scanned copies of the below documents to complete their 2023 registration process.

  • Scanned copy of the Diploma or the SKL certificate.
  • Scanned KTP.
  • (KK) Scanned Family Card.
  • Full Photo of the candidate on a red background.
  • Scanned Grades Transcripts.
  • Reviewed Capability Statement from Perum Bulog.

Know the Qualifications to Apply for Pendaftaran Bulog 2023 Recruitments!

  • An Indonesian citizen.
  • Both males/females can apply.
  • The age as of 1 January 2023 for the position of SMA/SMK is 30 years; for the D3 position it is 33 years, and for the S1 position it is 35 years.
  • 7.0 is the minimum GPA or Diploma score for the SMA/SMK position.
  • 2.75 is the minimum GPA OR Diploma score for the D3 & S1 position.
  • A mentally and physically fit candidate is preferred.
  • Willing to relocate anywhere within Indonesia.
  • Candidates with extra sports and arts skills are preferable.

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Check the Required Educational Qualifications!

To register on the Pendaftaran platform, you need to have the following educational qualifications:-

  • IPS/Science (SMA).
  • Commerce/Business/Marketing, Multimedia, Office Administration, Mechanical Engineering, Finance/Accounting (Vocational School).
  • Marketing, Office Administrative/ Secretariat, Civil Engineering, Taxation, Accounting, Informatics Engineering (D3 Diploma).
  • Information System, Law, Accounting, Public Administration, Agribusiness, Visual Communication Design (DKV), Statistics Bachelor (S1).

Factors to Note for Pendaftaran Registration!

  • Applicants with the required qualifications can apply for the registration process.
  • Applicants must be careful of all the frauds happening with the names of Experd and Preum Bulog.
  • All the Perum Bulog registration process is free and without any charges.
  • The Prerum Bulog Company has not communicated with any agent for the registration process.

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Interested applicants can register for the recruitment through the Pendaftaran website. Also, if anyone has any queries about the Bulog logistics company, then one can watch the video here for more clarity.

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Disclaimer: The blog will share all the authentic facts on the Bulog registration process. Also, the content is entirely original and based on thorough research.

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