Complete A meme-inspired cryptocurrency that's ready to compete with BTC, Litecoin, BigEyesCoin

A meme-inspired cryptocurrency that’s ready to compete with BTC, Litecoin, BigEyesCoin

The Big Eyes coin is flourishing and blooming in the floral garden with a resolution to conquer global attention. It is all set to displace emulsive tokens like Bitcoin and Litecoin in the competition by bombarding milestones. Milestones that have no control over its pace, and the token will significantly emerge in the crypto space as a shining piece of diamond. It will outstand the other coins with its effective model with high-end stunning features. If you are a newbie, you may need to know about the altrix edge.

Presale Success

It is now known to be the next big bang after the Bitcoin massive outbreak into the crypto industry. The presale period of Big Eyes Coin draws a fine thick line by concluding its phase. It was successful in raising a substantial amount of $34 million pool just by its presale phase. The cute cat currency is all yours to fill your crypto portfolio with an essence of beauty with handsome profits. 

Its presale laying off a mark on June 3rd makes it the right time for users to own this pretty lucky charm cat. Now and then, its developers emphasized proving their loyalty to their community. They unveil offers, bonuses, exciting bounty rewards, contests, and Loot boxes so that the community can benefit from ROI. The code END30 users can grab the presale opportunity and plunge in to attain an assured bonus of 300%. So, secure a profitable investment by making strategic moves and future planning for growth financially.

 The project is here to lay an impact and meaningful purpose by donating 5% of its total supply to supporting ocean conservation efforts. It is making a strong initiative towards saving the planet Earth concerning its natural resources. Not only does it build faith but develops a unique bond with its community by organizing weekly contests, allotting rewards, and many such exciting events. 

Litecoin’s Future Predictions

Litecoins have introduced a system of halving events every five years when the coin was launched to eliminate major token outbreaks like inflation and price rise. The event is scheduled on August 2nd, 2023 which entails halving the block miners that result in users receiving 50% of coins for verifying transactions. This concept is approached for easing the flow of tokens by preventing fluctuation in price values and regulating the supply chain of tokens. 

The step will coincide with Litecoin’s decrease in the total supply of coins and will reflect the scarcity of the token thus emulsifying its value. A feeling of the rarity of the Big Eyes Coin will be anticipated resulting in the spark of its value. 

Bitcoin’s Halving Event

Bitcoin’s positioning as the number one crypto by market and cap and in the history of cryptos has undergone its third halving event on May 11, 2020. This is benchmarked as the most vibrant crypto event in the era of blockchain technology. The event took place after almost 4 years of wait but was indeed successful. The event takes place every 2,10,000 blocks and further decreases the block miner’s reward by 50%. 

The reduction in blocks will tie up a chain of leveraging scenarios for Bitcoin and create a remarkable demand for its tokens. Additionally, the token is backed up by a powerful and trustworthy community due to its magnificent performance in history. 

Similar to Litecoin, Bitcoin’s goal is to prevent the roots of inflation from entering Bitcoin’s strength. If further wants to make the Bitcoins scarce and not easily available to all investors. Both Litecoin and Bitcoin’s plantlets are strong with a steep base and their reduction in blocks would add to their existing value. Their bullish momentum tends to strike with a decrease in their blocks and supply of tokens. However, the profits booked during the mining phase have chances of downswing impacting the network’s framework. 

Perhaps, Big Eyes Coin holds notable potential and demands for growth in terms of strengthening its community as well as expanding its network. In areas of turbulence, it knows how to reconcile and fight back with double glaze. 

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