Bscs Station 2021.

Bscs Station (July 2021) How To Buy? Contract Address

Bscs Station (July 2021) How To Buy? Contract Address >> The guide shares details about the new crypto token and its market analysis for a worthwhile investment decision.  

Unique features and services are necessary to develop a new platform in the busy decentralized finance industry. BSCS Token taps into diversified segments of what makes decentralized finance popular today and includes a new twist on it. 

BSC Station is the new Crypto token available for trading with the ticker symbol BSCS. It focuses on building the full stack DeFi with the new NFT Auction on Binance Smart Chain. 

Bscs Station aims to emerge as the economic infrastructure for the NFT and DeFi backed by the Binance Smart Chain. The platform is the popular choice in the Philippines.

What is Bscs?

BSCS is the ticker symbol of the newly launched Crypto token, BSC Station. BSC Station is the platform focused on developing the full stack NFT and DeFi Auction on Binance Smart Chain. Soon, it will emerge as the economic infrastructure for the NFT and DeFi platform.

So, it acts as the infrastructure for NFT and DeFi platform backed by BSC. Bscs Station works above the existing blockchain BSC designed to deliver the highest value to the holders and consumers in the Philippines.

The smart chain focuses on solving the major issues of the infrastructure in context to BSCS products. So, the BSC Station emerges as the ideal solution to leverage the technology provided by the platform. 

Who is the Founder of BSCS?

After evaluating the official website and exchanges, we have not found any details regarding the owner or CEO of the token. Furthermore, we have not found any information on the team members behind the token.

We have only found the details of the holders. The token has around 32 284 holders, and it has registered a total of 384 705 transfers.

Bscs Station Market Cap, Supply, and Live Data

As per the data on one platform, the live price of the token is $0.118208, with the increasing trend in the value of 139.37% in the last 24 hrs. The token has registered the highest trading volume of $8 756 733 with an upward trend of 142.08% in the last 24 hrs. 

In terms of market cap, the token has registered the all-time high market cap of $4 362 330, and it helped the token achieve the rank of #1069. The fully diluted market cap of the token is $59 103 902.55. 

The total circulating supply of the token is 36 903 908 BSCS, and the maximum supply of Bscs Station is 500 000 000 BSCS.       

How to Buy BSCS?

  • BSCS Token is available for trading on Binance Mainnet with the contract address 0xbcb24afb019be7e93ea9c43b7e22bb55d5b7f45d.
  • Create and login with your digital wallet
  • Add value to your wallet and link it to the Binance Smart Chain exchange.
  • Enter the amount you want to buy 
  • Swap it for the BSCS token 
  • Transfer the token to your wallet and hold it 


Q1. What is the Official Link of Bscs Token?

A1. The official link of the Bscs Station token is

Q2. What is the Contract Address of BSCS?

A2. The contract address to use to buy the token is 0xbcb24afb019be7e93ea9c43b7e22bb55d5b7f45d.

Q3. What is the Live Price of the Token?

A3. As per the data, the last known price of the token is $0.118208.

To Sum Up

BSC Station is the famous Crypto token launched to become the necessary funds for the product development phase and sustainably support the BSCS ecosystem growth. Therefore, bringing more valuable users to the platform and offer more profit to holders via mainstream products. 

Bscs Station is set to become the next big thing in the Crypto marketplace, and investing in the token would result in higher profits in the future. But you must check the future of Cryptocurrency in 2021, before delving into the Crypto marketplace for a worthwhile investment.  

What do you have to share about the new token? Would you mind sharing it in the comments section?

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