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Britney Spears Security Slap Video: Why She Slapped Herself? Is Getting Slapped Video Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram & Twitter? Know Facts!

The article details Britney Spears Security Slap Video and explains the incident and the exact information behind the incident.

Have you seen the latest video where Britney Spears got slapped by security? Do you know the reason why she was slapped? In the recent incident, a video surfaced on the social media website where Britney Spears is seen being slapped by the NBA star’s Victor Wenbenyama security guard. The incident shook the people of the United States, who were furious over such behaviour toward the 41-year-old pop star.

We will discuss the complete details of the most trending Britney Spears Security Slap Video that has gathered attention from people worldwide. Keep reading the complete article to know the details.


Disclaimer-We do not intend to hurt the feelings and sentiments of people associated with the information, and the news provided is taken from original online sources.

Why did security slap Britney Spears?

In the video, we see Britney trying to meet the NBA star, so she goes behind the security guard to meet Victor. She revealed that she taught his security guard on his back, and he swarmed his hand back, leading Britney’s sunglasses to fall off and hitting her on her face. There were many speculations that Victor’s security guard slapped Britney in her face, but that is not the truth behind the video.

Is the video Viral On Reddit?

As soon as the video was captured, it was uploaded on all social media platforms and shared on the forums where people saw the video and provided their speculations. Somewhere in favour of Britney, and said that the security guard must have looked back to find out who was present behind, and the behaviour towards Victor’s fans was not appreciable. On the other hand, some people said there were many people in the crowd, and the security was just trying to save the NBA star from the crowd.

Netizens’ reaction on Twitter after the Slap video released

People on Twitter, divided into two sections, supported the 41-year-old pop star Britney Spears, while the others supported the security guard. In a statement released by Britney Spears, she said she was assaulted by the security person there. In the video, we can also see that the security guard was pushing the crowd behind, and unfortunately, his hand fell off Britney’s face.

Can the viewers find the video on YouTube?

The video is present on all online platforms, including YouTube, and people eager to watch the complete video can find it online, and then they can decide whether the incident happened due to a mistake or was done purposely. We think that the security guard did not slap her knowingly, and it was just a mistake where he was just trying to save the 19-year-old NBA star from the huge crowd present there.

Is there any post by Britney Spears on Instagram after the incident?

Britney Spears said that the news of her grabbing the 19-year-old NBA star from behind is false and that she only tapped him on his shoulder. Then, the security guard backhanded her in the face without even looking in front of the crowd, which nearly knocked her down, and her sunglasses fell off her face. 

Viral slap video on TikTok

The slap video gained huge attention from people as it is now released on all online platforms. The video reached the 19-year-old NBA star, to which he responded that he gets swarmed by people at all times and it was their duty to protect him, and his security did not hit any of the fans present there. 

Britney Spears Slapped Herself Latest Reports

After the video was released, people looked at it very closely, and some said that it was Britney’s hand that made her sunglasses fall off from her face, and it was not the security guard who slapped her. When the security guard was trying to push her back, her hand came in between, and she could not bear the pressure, and her hands hit her on her face. 

Video of Britney Spears Getting Slapped Viral Online

The video of Britney getting slapped has gathered attention, and people are now suspecting that Britney is lying as the 19-year-old player said that she did not tap him on his shoulder, but she grabbed him from behind, and by the time he knew who the person was his security guard pushed her away. He said he was unaware of the force, but he did not stop at the moment.

Details of the video on Telegram

The video has spiked debate online and is shared on various social media platforms. We are not sure whether the video is available on Telegram or not, but they are chances that the video must be present on the online platform as the incident is the topic of discussion and not a single platform is left where the video is not shared.

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The Britney Spears slap video is unfortunate; we do not promote such behaviour toward anyone. But it is extremely important to know the story of both sides and then only draw a conclusion about who is the actual culprit in the scene. Police investigations are closed, and they said that they are not charging any case anybody. 

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Britney Spears Security Slap Video-FAQs

Q1. When did the incident take place?

The incident took place on 7th July 2023.

Q2. Who was present along with Britney Spears?

Her husband accompanied Britney.

Q3. How did Britney Spears get slapped?

She tried grabbing the 19-year-old NBA star, to which his bodyguard pushed her away.

Q4. Did the security guard slap Britney Spears?

Reports suggest that he did not slap her.

Q5. Is there any statement released by Britney Spears after the incident?

Yes, she released a statement explaining the complete incident.

Q6. What did the NBA star say on the matter?

He said that his bodyguard’s duty was to protect him, and his security guard did not slap anyone.

Q7. Is there any police case filed?


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