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Bodi Beauty Bar Elizabeth {June} Check All Details!

The post talks about Bodi Beauty Bar Elizabeth and elaborates on the incident on what had happened.

Are you wondering who Elizabeth Knighton is and why is she in the news lately? As per sources, there has been a particular video that is viral across the internet from the United States. In the video is seen a lady, Elizabeth, alleging a staff.

However, soon after the video went viral, there was a storm on the internet by users ridiculing the act. Thus, this article provides a detailed insight into Bodi Beauty Bar Elizabeth and the incident.

Who is Elizabeth Knighton?

As per internet sources, Elizabeth Knighton is the owner of Bodi Beauty Bar, an Orlando-based company in the United States. She recently came into the limelight after being caught on video alleging a waitress in an Orlando restaurant named King Cajun Crawfish.

Furthermore, it was noted that the Bodi Beauty Bar owner threw many tantrums and was seen slamming the employees and the business. In the coming sections, we will elaborate further on Bodi Beauty Bar Elizabeth Knighton and what are people’s reactions.

More information about why Elizabeth is in the news

  • Elizabeth recently hit the headlines and the internet after an incident at the King Cajun Crawfish restaurant.
  • As per sources, Elizabeth went to the restaurant and ordered fie shrimp and snow crabs.
  • However, after having three shrimp, she claimed the shrimp was terrible and demanded a refund.
  • Besides, when the serving personnel tried to reason that the shrimp were fine, she began to slam and disparage the Chinese restaurant waitress.

Bodi Beauty Bar Yelp – What is user reaction?

The act was captured in video and went viral across the internet. Users have been trying to search who Elizabeth is, and from the bill, it was found that she is the owner of Bodi Beauty Bar.

Furthermore, the video led to reactions by users who wrote a slew of negative remarks about her enterprise leading to a quick drop in the ratings and ranking. On checking for reviews related to her beauty shop, the pages highlighted receiving an influx of public reviews. 

Thus, the review page of Bodi Beauty Bar Lake Baldwin is temporarily disabled. It was witnessed that the ratings of the restaurant immediately dropped, which affected the ranking too, causing the review pages to be disabled.

Final Conclusion

Elizabeth has received a slew of criticisms for her action at the restaurant. She was condemned for her actions. Besides, there have been no further reports about any reaction by the restaurant. Besides, as per sources, even Elizabeth has been silent about the incident and is yet to give a public statement.

It has to be noted that all the information is taken from sources, and we hold no claim to any details. Do you want to know more about Bodi Beauty Bar Elizabeth? Then do read.

What is your take on the incident? Do share your feedback and reviews in the comments section below.

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