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Bnbpay to PHP {Sep 2021} How to Buy? Contract Address

This write-up provides immense knowledge and an eye-opener for the traders to invest in Bnbpay to PHP.

Is it a mosaic for you to understand the trading system using cryptocurrency? Do you know you can exchange your currencies and gain profit? Then this is a suitable article for you to gain a brief on Bnbpay to PHP.

People in the Philippines are eager to understand the process of making a profit with their currencies, and they are keen on the acquisition of lots of money to prosper through in their lifestyle. If you genuinely want to achieve, then continue reading.

What is BNBPay?

BNBPay is the essential Token of BPay. BNBPay is the wallet where they incorporate ERC-1363 EIP. It allows consumers to use crypto on all e-commerce platforms. It provides an instant process and with less money as a fee. Their mission is to help the consumers with private and decentralized payment methods with less amount.

Bnbpay to PHP: Exchange Value and Current Price

  • Current Price 1 BPAY= 0.336567 PHP
  • Market CAP=1,998,783,012 PHP
  • Price change in 24hrs= 34.3%
  • Market Rank=#605
  • Circulating Supply=5,965,196,240 PHP
  • Trading Vol=149.186.558 PHP
  • Total Supply=10,000,000,000
  • Maximum Supply=10,000,000,000
  • Let us read more for clarity.

Details of Founder

Teason Phang was the founder of BNBPay. He gave up his well-versed job in the tycoon company to start BNBPay in 2017. He is well-versed with all the roles in the entire mobile and web SDLC life cycles like Testing, project management, development, deployment, and server setup.

Before investing in Bnbpay to PHP, you must go through the tokenomics on these tokens.

Tokenomics of BNBPay

As mentioned earlier, the total circulating supply in this token is 10billion. Out of this following is the breakdown.

  • Supply on Launch:  6 billion that is 60%
  • Team and development: 1 billion that is 10 %
  • Rewards on payment for this token: 1 billion that is 10%
  • Burned value: 1.5 billion that is 15%
  • Marketing value for this token: 500 million that is 5%

Let us glance at the process to invest in Bnbpay to PHP

How To buy BNBPay on Crypto?

You can purchase BNBPay Tokens  in two wallets, MetaMask and Trust Wallet.

  •   Meta Mask Wallet
  1. Start downloading the MetaMask app
  2. Purchase some BNB coins to load your wallet.
  3. Go to Pancake Swap to swap
  4. Connect at the top right of the screen, then trade in Pancake Swap
  5. Select $BPAY in Pancake Swap
  6. Swap $BPAY
  •   Trust Wallet
  1. Download Trust Wallet
  2. Load your wallet with BNB
  3. Go to the Trust Wallet DApps tab and click on PancakeSwap
  4. Select $BPAY
  5. Swap for $BPay

Let us crack from FAQs on Bnbpay to PHP.


  • Q1) What is a $BPAY token Contract?
  • A1) If $ BPAY does not appear, you can choose the “Select a Currency” option then enter the $BPAY token contract.
  • Contract: 0xeBC76079Da0c245faE7225b58a57A54809b40618
  •  Q2) What is ERC-1363?
  • A2) It is the ERC20 Token that is compatible, and it helps to work on cryptocurrencies platforms more efficiently by saving gas fees. It is easy to use for creating a token, subscription, payment of invoice, etc.
  •  Q3) What Is PHP?
  • A3) PHP is the acronym for Philippine Piso is the currency of the Philippines.


A per our research on Bnbpay to PHP, we can recommend you to invest in this with the help of expert suggestions. BNBPay claims to be the Future trader on the Crypto platform.

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