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Bianca Manalo Boyfriend: Details On Ex Husband, Age, And Boat Accident

Who is Bianca Manalo Boyfriend? Who is her Ex Husband? What is her Age? Check Details about Boat Accident.

Why is Bianca Manalo Boyfriend trending? Who is Bianca Manalo? What happened to Bianca Manalo? Where is Bianca from? Why are people from Worldwide searching for details about Bianca? Why is Bianca Manalo trending on social media? Let us discuss the details related to the actress Bianca and why people want to know about her.

Details On Bianca Manalo Boyfriend

Bianca Manalo’s boyfriend is Sherwin Gatchalian. He is a senator and a businessman in Philippines. He is 49, a 49-year-old successful politician and businessman. As per reports, Bianca and Sherwin have been seeing each other since 2018. The couple has been spotted many times together.

Currently, Bianca and her boyfriend are trending because of a cheating controversy. Bianca, along with her co-star Gomez, has been grilled by another co-star, Herlene Budol, who had accused Gomez of cheating. And Bianca had been named in the scandal as well. 

Details On Bianca Manalo Boyfriend

Who is Bianca Manalo Ex Husband?

As per the reports, Bianca had not been married in the past. However, she had her share of relationships. She is currently dating Senator, Sherwin Gatchalian. The couple was rumoured to get married anytime soon. But, in an interview, Sherwin has not yet proposed to her. In 2021, they were rumoured to get married as soon as the elections would end.

Bianca has been in discussion lately due to the leaked conversation between her co-stars and herself. The scandal was blown out very recently, and people are non-stop discussing it. Bianca Manalo Age is 37 years, and she was born on 28th November 1987 in Paranaque, Philippines. She was a beauty pageant title-holder and later started her career as an actress. 

Who is Bianca Manalo Ex Husband

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Additional Details About Bianca Manalo

Binaca is currently enjoying her Christmas vacation in Japan with her family. She is posting pictures from Japan on her Instagram. She is with her mother, sister, and other family members. By her pictures, everyone is assuming that Bianca had no effect on the scandal that broke out. Netizens are saying that she is unfazed of the controversy.

The Bianca Manalo Boat Accident from 2018 is also trending on the Internet. People are talking about how she was rescued after a speedboat capsized in water in Antique. One man died in the accident. The other nine people on the boat were rescued safely. The accident happened in March 2018, and the driver of the boat was announced dead upon arrival at the hospital. 

Social Media Details of Bianca Manalo

Bianca is a famous star in the Philippines and has a considerable following. Let us know her social media details here.

Instagram Account: 

Bianca has more than 1 million followers.

YouTube Channel: 

Manalo has more than 50,000 subscribers and has posted 32 videos to date. 

Bianca Manalo Ex Husband and her age are being asked on the Internet. After the cheating controversy. 


In today’s article, we discussed the details of actress Bianca Manalo. She is trending on social media because of a cheating controversy. She had not been involved in it personally. But she has been named by another actor. Yet, she is unfazed and enjoying her vacation in Japan along with her family. If you wish to know more authentic details about Bianca Manalo, click here

What is Bianca Manalo Age? Please write anything you like about Bianca as a public personality in the comments below. 

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