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Betu Coin (November 2021) How To Buy? Contract Address

The guide shares details about the new betting platform and the native token called Betu Coin.

Sport betting is becoming a new trend for worldwide players to earn passive income. There are many benefits in wagering online for sports, eSports, and more. So, to make things simpler and easier, BETU is launched, which is the new eSports, Sports and Crypto betting platform powered BETU Token and secured by Smart Contracts. 

Bet and wager for your leagues in your conditions and convenience. The platform has different leagues to bet for, and users have to use the native token called Betu Coin to start wagering at the platform. People in Turkey want to know more about the platform.      

What is BETU Token?

BETU Token is the future of online sports betting, and it is the native token used in the Crypto betting platform called BETU. The token is launched to power the entire betting ecosystem and is the only currency used in the BETU marketplace. 

The platform offers easy betting and wagering options for Crypto, eSports, and Sports secured by Smart Contracts and powered by the native currency Betu Coin. In addition, the platform works as the bookmaker service for worldwide players and provides peer-to-peer betting results in reliable odds and higher winnings.

Like casino chips, the BETU Token is used for wagering, and it is available for trading ticker BETU. Players in Turkey are attracted to the platform for sports betting.  

Who are the Founders of BETU Token?

After analyzing the website, we found the details of the team behind the platform. Below are the details:

  • Paul Rogash – CEO
  • Scott Parry – CFO
  • Graham Malone – CTO and CPO
  • Jason Vu – Project manager
  • Brent Booher – Social Media Manager
  • Anh Do – Backend Developer

What is the Market Capitalization, Supply, and Price of Betu Coin?

As per the sources and the crypto analytics site, the market analysis of the token is as follows:

  • Market Capitalization – $31 345 492
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap – $291 293 224
  • Market Rank – #769
  • Live Price – $0.291293
  • Trading Volume – $3 745 284 in the last 24 hrs
  • Supply – Total (107 608 038) and Max (1 000 000 000)

These are market analyses of the BETU Token. There has been a hike in the trading volume of Betu Coin by 2.03% in the last 24 hrs. 

How to Buy BETU Token?

  • Please register with the trusted digital wallet and link it to any reliable exchange.
  • Transfer funds to your wallet and link to it PanCakeSwap Exchange
  • Covert the fiat currency to BNB to buy the token
  • Search for the token using the contract address (0x0df1b3f30865c5b324797f8db9d339514cac4e94)
  • Check the live price and value of the BETU Token.
  • Enter the number of the coin you want to buy
  • Click on the swap button to swap BNB for Betu Coin
  • Hold your coins in a trusted wallet and use it for wagering on the platform.


Q1. What is BETU?

A1. BETU is the online platform for sports, esports, and Crypto wagering and betting. It is secured by the Smart Contracts and powered by the native currency BETU Token.

Q2. What is the Official Link of BETU?

A2. All information is available on https://www.betu.io/.

Q3. What is the Right Contract Address to Use for Buying BETU?

A3. Investors and buyers have to use 0x0df1b3f30865c5b324797f8db9d339514cac4e94 as the contract address when buying the token on PanCakeSwap.


BETU is emerging as the new way of online wager and betting. Players have to use the native currency Betu Coin to wager on the platform.  

If you are interested in betting on the platform, then you must have sufficient coins. But, before investing in Crypto tokens, you must know the Best Apps to Buy Cryptocurrency in 2021 to avoid unnecessary scams. 

Do you wager or bet on the BETU platform? Then, please your experiences in the comment section. Moreover, we have provided you with the information only and we do not endorse or promote betting and gambling.

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