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Better Hoagie Down Reddit: Explore What Is The The plot of Better Hoagie Down!

Read critical details about the storyline “It’s cold out there, better hoagie down” to know about trending Better Hoagie Down Reddit post.

Did you know that unlike the name sounds – Better Hoagie Down is the title of a Reddit post trending in Australia and Canada? The post was initially featured seven years back on the r/relationships Reddit group, dealing with posts for relationship advice and suggestions from Redditors. But it was removed. After this, a Reddit group – r/BetterHoagieDown, was created/updated on 5th-December-2017.

What does the r/BetterHoagieDown speak about? Let’s check about Better Hoagie Down Reddit below.


About Better Hoagie Down:

Better Hoagie Down post’s plot revolves around a couple who faced relationship issues due to seductive sleeping, asthma, and antidepressant pills. The identity of the couple and the author is unknown. It is unknown if the couple’s story is an actual life event (or) a fraction.

The post gives the impression of the husband narrating his relationship with his wife. Initially, the 32 years old husband gives the impression that his wife is a jokester and insane. But he trusts his wife. In the Better Hoagie Down Reddit post, his wife is depicted30 years old and spends time on TikTok, gym, and household work.

The husband speaks about events when he cannot dedicate time to his wife and in-laws during Christmas due to a business trip. He is allergic to cats and has a hard time sleeping. His wife is allergic to her three pet cats, snors during sleep, and takes anti-deprecent – Seroquel pills. The husband also takes Benadryl pills to fight allergies, asthma, and gives sound sleep even in the snoring noise of his wife.

The plot of Better Hoagie DownReddit:

The husband narrates that he used to take more than one pill, and sometimes 5 to 6 sleeping pills fall asleep after a busy day and extended travel. The couple’s story takes a twist when the wife packs a brown lunch bag, hands it over to the husband, says – “It’s cold out there, better hoagie down”, goes to the bathroom and slams the door. It was happening for weeks.


The plot of Better Hoagie DownReddit

The husband suspects their relationship is getting strained. His wife finally takes the extreme step of informing her parents about the stressed relationship and eventually leaves for her parent’s house as the climax begins in Better Hoagie Down Redditstory. The husband reaches his in-law’s place, sweating and unable to speak. His father-in-law comforts him, and finally, the truth comes out!

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It was revealed to the husband that he was behaving strangely. The husband was having hallucinations due to the medicine. The husband recollects listening about Hoagie several times on a show, which he heard during delusions. His wife never spoke about Hoagie! The story ends with the couple getting united and husband opting for medical advice/treatment.

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Better Hoagie Down Reddit – FAQ

1Q. What other health issues did the husband face?

The husband was suffering from Akathisia, a condition of inner restlessness and an inability to remain still.

2Q. Did the husband have any family history of psychological issues?

His grandfather had psychological problems and a high temper and passed away at an early age.

3Q. What type of cerebralissues did the grandfather have?

He never got diagnosed. Grandmother believed that he had schizophrenia, a condition of hallucinations, delusions, interpreting reality abnormally, and overthinking.

4Q Is the Better Hoagie Down Reddit story real?

Several Redditors believe it is a true story posted on r/relationships, meant for relationship advice, while several Redditors believe it frictional!

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