Top Best VR Cooking Games

Best VR Cooking Games: Top 10 Games to try now

Are you looking for games that will let you use your VR headset while also showing off your cooking abilities? The good news is that there are currently many VR cooking games available, in both arcade and simulator variations.

Virtual reality headsets are currently supported by an increasing number of games, most of which are simulations of extreme sports, racing, or other physical activities like dance. However, other players favor more commonplace, light activities. 

Numerous VR games are slowly figuring out methods to introduce new mechanics to various genres. One of them is the idea of cooking and eating places. The multiplayer component of them is one of the things that makes them even more appealing, making it an experience you’ll want to share with your friends and family. There are some really fun cooking games for kids and adults alike let’s get on to the list. 

Before continuing, we hope you’ve taken a bite to eat because man are you going to get hungry.

Clash of Chefs VR

Clash of Chefs, a game created by Flat Hill Games, is the top game on our list of the greatest VR culinary games. You can play the role of a Mexican, American, Italian, or Japanese restaurant chef in this virtual reality culinary simulator, and you’ll be responsible for making sure the diners are well-fed.

You must flawlessly fulfill your customers’ requests in the single-player mode if you want to go on to the next level. Each of the four restaurants, each specializing in a particular sort of cuisine, has more than 80 levels. The recipes are based on well-known dishes from these many cuisines, and you can prepare them using any of the game’s accessible ingredients.

The online multiplayer element of this VR cookery simulator is its most exciting feature. You will compete with other chefs in this game to serve your customers as swiftly and effectively as possible. And what’s more? You can toss the dishes at your rival if you’re on a losing streak. You heard that right, this is excellent because the game might easily evolve into a food fight.

Horror Bar

You’ll be transported to a restaurant where your skills will take you through 30 levels, each one more challenging than the last. To pass each level of this cooking game VR, which Play Spirit Limited is bringing to you, you’ll need to improve your times and techniques until you’re an exceptional chef. This VR cookery game offers cartoon-style graphics and a fun multiplayer option, so even if your team doesn’t have the best hardware, you can still have fun with it. It has a tonne of fun in its multiplayer mode and hours of exciting single-player gameplay.


This virtual reality game with a sci-fi theme from Yogscast LTD casts you as a robotic bartender. As in the case of Startenders, a bar in space, this variation of VR cooking games places you behind a bar counter where you serve cocktails to diverse alien cultures in need of cool drinks. Even your spacecraft, which you will use to travel the cosmos and meet other races and learn about their cocktail preferences, may be customized.

The process of making cocktails is enjoyable and involves a range of tools that you will need to learn to use. Each drink has a distinctive look and sound effects that help you stay focused and provide you with a method to get through all the challenges this game presents to you.

Planet Pizza

Is your stomach already grumbling or what? Planet Pizza is an extremely straightforward single-player culinary game created by Refresh Studios that carries on the sci-fi and space concept. You will service your customers in it by bringing pizza and drinks, just like in many prior ones. Planet Pizza adds the challenge of having to deliver the pizza within a deadline to VR culinary games, offering a different perspective on the genre. You will lose (clearly) and your clients will grow impatient if you take longer than is necessary. What’s also exciting is that you can try out the game for free.

Lost Recipes

Your position in this strange game is that of a ghost chef. Yes, the cooking adventure you embark on in Lost Recipes takes place in the past. Serving food from various ages and geographical locations to your ghost customers is the main goal of this virtual reality cooking game. cuisines from the Song Dynasty in China, the Greek Classical Period, and the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula’s Mayan food.

The ability to combine these many cuisines as a ghost chef leaves a lot of possibilities to add new cuisines and meals to the game. The nice part is that this style of kitchen has been around for a long time. Great concept, an interesting presentation, and enjoyable.

GameBook VR

The objective of the GameBoom VR cooking simulator is to become the best chef. In order to have a sophisticated and realistic workstation, a kitchen in this simulation game is furnished with a variety of utensils and appliances. Using a dozen actual ingredients, you may unlock and master more than 80 recipes in this game. You will be able to prepare a wide variety of amazing dishes with their help, all of which are searching for the best simulation experience with authentic physics, textures, and difficulties.

Every aspect of this game has been created to provide a full virtual reality experience, in addition to making an effort to account for the various, potentially dangerous circumstances that you might encounter while in a real kitchen. This game is for you if you enjoy video games with more realistic mechanics.

Here are some great cook restaurant games that we love, check them out for yourselves.

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