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Have you ever heard about Beach Mallory? Do you know with whom Beach Mallory had a relationship? Is Beach Mallory alive? Did Mallory ever face any accidents? Recently a new documented series has been available on Netflix where a crime story from the United States has been shown to the viewers. 

After watching the series, multiple viewers shas searching lots of questions, among them a common question that has been explored about Beach Mallory Boyfriend. Follow this article in depth to discover all the mysteries you might not know.


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Boyfriend of Beach Mallory:

Several Sources have confirmed `Beach Mallory has been dating a teen, Anthony Cook. Both of them are teenagers. 

What happened to Beach Mallory?

We also learned that Beach Mallory and Anthony travelled with their friends and boarded the Murdaugh family boat on 23rd February 2019.

Beach Mallory and Anthony Cook boarded that boat to return to their home, Paul Murdaugh was drunk, and he had been driving the ship. Suddenly Anthony heard a scream and released Mallory, who had been missing after searching the water but did not find him.   

Mallory Beach Instagram:

While we searched for details about Mallory’s Instagram profile, we found she had uploaded multiple photos, and she was able to gain 2016 followers, and she used to follow only 936. But if we find other information, our team will share everything with you using this website.

Details about Mallory Beach:

Mallory was a 19 years old girl who used to live in South Carolina. Sources claimed she had died due to a boat accident in 2019. According to her parents, we learned that she was humble and loved spending time with her close ones. According to Mallory Beach Instagram, her hobbies were fishing and hunting. According to her parents, they used to call her a tomboy.

Do Investigators find Mallory?

According to the source, we learned two volunteers had been searching for Mallory under the water for eight days; on 3rd march 2019, they discovered Mallory’s body five miles deep down the river from the boat crash area.

Beach Mallory Boyfriend:

Anthony Cook is the Boyfriend of Beach Mallory; they both are going to a boat party with their friend on Paukie Island. They all meet Paul at the river property and decide to do a party on the boat. Later a brutal incident happened where 19-year-old Beach Mallory lost her life.

Beach Mallory Death Reason:

Sources revealed that Mallory had lost his life due to forced trauma and drowning; this is some information available about Beach Mallory’s death.

Do Beach Families file a lawsuit Against Murdaughs?

After the month of Mallory’s death, the Beach family filed a lawsuit against Murdaughs; finally, in 2023, a judge asked for settlements, and this is some of the information we learned about the case.

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Final Verdict:

Mallory has been in a relationship with Anthony Cook. They both go to a party on Paukie Island. They meet Paul Murdaugh and decide to do a party on the family boat of Paul; later, due to a crash, Morlly loses her life. Mollary’s boyfriend.

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Beach Mallory Boyfriend: FAQs

1 With whom did Mallory go for her last party?

Anthony’s Cousin, Connor Cook, and Mallory’s best friend, Miley Altman.

2 How did Paul Murdaugh Purchase alcohol?

Using his older brother’s ID.

3 What is the name of the series available on Netflix?

Murdaugh Murders.

4 Is any other platform showing this series?

Yes, HBO Max.

5 Who is the father of Paul Murdaugh?

Alex has been charged with double murder.

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