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Bdnaash Com Website: Check Details On The Working Of The Indonesia site

This research on the Bdnaash com Website will help you to know if this Indonesian website is trustworthy.

Have you heard about the Bdnaash website? This website has been providing you the knowledge on the companies supporting Israel. Bdnaash com Website is a trending site in Indonesia that aims to give all the relevant facts on the support of the companies to the nation suffering a lot these days. Here we will review this website in a better way. So, kindly go through the facts shared here on this website. 

About Bdnaash com Website

As per online sources, Bdnaash is in an Indonesian domain which aims to provide the name of the countries who are supporting or not supporting the conflicts in Israel. We do not intend to comment on the conflicts rather we aim to explore the details of this website and let our readers know how this website works. This website aims to provide access to information on the companies and identify their names. You get a search option in the layout in which you can enter the name of the company. The website provides you with the facts in English and a different religious language.

Bdnaash Com Indonesia Website: Legitimacy! 

We aim to provide the legitimate facts of the website due to which we are writing this post. We do not intend to comment upon the working of the website or their personal opinion on the conflict going on in the neighboring nations. Kindly go through these details to know if the website is reliable or not. 

  • Trust Index: The domain has received the 42.7 out of 100 trust index. The site has not received a good score.
  • Registration Date: The Bdnaash com has been registered on October 17, 2023. The domain was newly registered around one month and ten days ago.
  • Phishing Score: The Bdnaash Com Indonesia Website has received a 42/100 phishing score.
  • Social Media page: We have seen the icons of Twitter and Instagram on the official website. There were many posts found on their social media handles, but they were written in different languages that cannot be understood.
  • Malware Score: The Bdnaash site has received a 35 percent malware score. 
  • Data Safety: The site has been using HTTPS protocol to safeguard the details of the users. 
  • Reviews on Bdnaash: We did not find any reliable reviews on the online site. Neither there are any reviews on the official site.

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Do we support the website? 

We have not been supporting or opposing the intention of the Bdnaash com Website as we cannot comment on the views of the owner of this domain. Also, we do not aim to share our opinion on the ongoing conflict rather we have tried to share the legitimacy of the website to let the people know if they can trust the authenticity of the website. Most of the readers were searching for the authenticity or legitimacy factors of this domain. So, we have tried to cover most of the legitimacy elements on this website. The facts found based on its authenticity reveal that the website is not fully reliable.

Opinions of the customers! 

As per the details on the Bdnaash com Website, we have not seen any reliable reviews on the official website. Neither there are any reviews found on the online review portals. This website has not been given immense importance. Furthermore, the pages on social media like Twitter and Instagram are available, but no relevant reviews have been shared. The website shared the posts in some unfamiliar language which cannot be understood by everyone. Moreover, there is limited information present on the official website. We could not recommend this website to our readers irrespective of its opinions. We recommend this decision based on the legitimacy and not on the personal opinion. 


Summing up this research on the Bdnaash com Website, we have found that this website was registered around one month and ten days ago. It received a poor score. So, we cannot assure its trustworthy. We should wait till some reviews available online. You do not intend to comment on the Israel conflict

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DISCLAIMER: We do not intend to comment on the views of the owner of this website rather we intend to provide the facts based on the legitimacy of the website. Kindly consider this research for educational purposes.

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