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{Updated} Bashid McLean Reddit: Original Selfie No Blur Photo Of Mom Head On Twitter!

The article discusses about original Bashid McLean Reddit Selfie No Blur photo along with Mom Head in addition to its availability on Twitter and Reddit.

Have you heard of any story where you truly felt like this was the most inhumane activity of anyone? If yes, then the story of Bashid McLean Reddit will also come under the same category where we can see the horrific activity of a son to his mother, and this news has become a trending topic in regions like the Philippines, United States, and many more countries.

So here in this article, we are going to discuss the incident in a detailed manner.

News on Bashid McLean Reddit

Bashid Mclean is a 23-year-old boy who killed his mother, Tanya, brutally over a heated debate. The method he used to kill his mother became the headlines because he stabbed her to death, decapitated her head separately, chopped her body into pieces, and dumped it in the garbage bag. And here comes the most inhuman thing: Bashid McLean Mom Head was taken alone, and Bashid took a selfie with his mother’s head in hand and posted it over the internet and social media platforms like Reddit. Thus, the image of Bashid holding his decapitated mother’s head went viral on the Reddit platform, and there are so many threads of conversation happening on the platform. Still, the original unblurred selfie image has been removed from Reddit.

Bashid McLean Mom Head

The selfie image was all about how Bashid posted the selfie with his decapitated mother’s head while having blood all over her face. Since the nature of the selfie image was very gory, most of the platforms removed the original photo. And currently, we can only see the censored version of it.

Bashid McLean Original Photo

The unblurred original version of the Bashid selfie image is currently not available on the internet. Some of the websites and social media platform channels claim to release the original photo, but that doesn’t seem to be an authentic one, as the Bashid McLean Original Photo has been removed due to the violation of community guidelines. This incident happened in the year 2013, and recently, in September, the picture has become trending all over the digital world. Thus, the original selfie photo of Bashid Mclean is a 10-year-old one.

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Availability of Bashid McLean Photo Twitter

The Twitter platform is also not an exception to removing all the Bashid selfie images. Since it contained the most disturbing visual, Twitter has removed the photo and links that lead to viewing the original selfie picture. But there are fake groups on Twitter who claim to release the real, unblurred version of the Bashid McLean Photo Twitter platform, but everything is pure fraudster activity. All those dead ends and fake links look suspicious, and they may even invite some malware to the respective devices of the people.

People’s Reaction to Bashid McLean Selfie No Blur

Upon hearing the story of Bashid, many people shared their deep concern for the poor mother. She might have poured all her love towards his first kid, but he just killed her over debate. It is believed that Tanya shouted at Bashid for not getting a real job, so Bashid became furious and stabbed her with the help of his friend William Morris.

Social media links

Twitter: Global Grind News on X: “WTF! Bashid McLean poses for a photo with his mother’s decapitated head! (PHOTOS)” / X (

Reddit: Kid Poses With Mother’s Decapitated Head


The news of Bashid McLean Selfie No Blur is indeed heartbreaking. Bashid was arrested for his inhumane activities in 2019, and he was sentenced to jail for 25 years. Even though justice has been served, his act towards his mother is something unforgivable, as he even has the heart to click a selfie with his mother’s head. 

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What are your thoughts about Bashid’s action? Comment on it.

Disclaimer: This article discusses violent activity, but our platform does not endorse such murder activity.

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