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Bachar Houli Car Accident: Was He Playing with Essendon? Is He Met with Car Crash? Check His Wife, Family & Net Worth Details Here!

This post provides crucial details about the popular AFL player Bachar Houli and Bachar Houli Car Accident.

Do you know about Bachar Houli? Have you heard about his involvement in a recent tragic car crash? Do you know the details behind the scene of the crash? If not, then we will discuss further details about the incident, which is trending online, and get to learn the necessary information regarding the case. Bachar is very popular in Australia and many other countries. 

Let us discuss the Bachar Houli Car Accident and biography of the star player to know about his personal and professional life. Stay connected for a detailed understanding of the incident. 


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Is Bachar Houli involved in a car accident? 

Reportedly, on Sunday evening, 11th June 2023, very shocking news about the fatal Car Crash started trending on social media of the ex-AFL player Bachar Houli. People started searching for other information about the player and current updates on his condition. Fans and well-wishers are sharing their support and well wishes for the Richmond star’s quick recovery. 

Bachar suffered severe injuries like broken ribs and pelvis fractures and was immediately admitted to the nearby hospital. Afterwards, he was airlifted to Victoria for better treatment. 

Details in brief of the crash:

People also search for Bachar Houli information such as Net Worth, family, wife etc., following the accident and personal life information. The sources revealed that Bachar was out with friends camping in Canberra. That is when the ute in which they were travelling overturned from the hill resulting in the tragic accident. Bachar’s friends also suffered some injuries, but they all are fine now. 

Bachar Houli Wikipedia :

  • Name: Bachar Houli
  • Date of Birth: 12th May 1988
  • Age: 35
  • Profession: Former Professional Football player. 
  • Net Worth: $5 million. 
  • Wife: Rouba Abou-Zeid
  • Children : 3
  • Height: 181 cm
  • Weight: 83kg. 
  • Place of Birth: Victoria, Melbourne. 

Who is Bachar Houli?

Houli is a former Australian rules football legend who has played with Richmond for most of his career. Bachar is a three-time premiership football player. Houli is the first Muslim devotee to play for AFL senior side. Although two more players were before him, they didn’t reach a higher level. 

Bachar Houli: Career History 

Bachar started playing in 2007 with Essendon in 2010. Later on, he joined Richmond in 2011-2021. Houli officially announced his retirement in 2021 after playing his successful 15th season. Bachar has played 232 games in his 15-year long career with 43 goals.

Social media links :

Final Summary 

Bachar Houli is one of the most respected and successful footballers in the AFL. He also participated actively in community welfare activities. Fans hope for his speedy recovery and well-being

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Bachar Houli Car Accident: FAQs

Q1. Who is Bachar Houli?

Bachar is a former football player in the Australian Football League. 

Q2. What happened to Bachar Houli?

Bachar met with a fatal car accident near Canberra and suffered various severe injuries. 

Q3. What is the foundation established by Bachar Houli?

In 2019, Bachar established the Bachar Houli Foundation for Leadership and Football programs. 

Q4. What is the title of Bachar’s autobiography? 

In November 2020, Bachar published his autobiography, Bachar Houli: Faith, Football and Family.

Q5. What is the current update on Bachar’s health condition?

As per the recent reports, Bachar is out of danger and fine now.

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