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Do you want to know about Armenian female soldiers? Are you interested to know how she was killed in the war? If so, read the article till the end. The female soldier was from the United States. She was killed by the forces belonging to Azerbaijan. The people are still discussing her death.

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How did the Female Soldier Die?

Anush Apetyan, an Armenian female soldier, was killed by the force of Azerbaijan. Before killing her, she was tortured and physically assaulted. She was killed during the clash between Armenia and Azerbaijan in Jermuk. When Azerbaijan invaded the land of Armenia between September 13 and 14, Apetyan and more than ten soldiers were captured. All of them were captured alive. After Apetyan was tortured and killed, a video surfaced online. The video was first released on Telegram. Later, it was found that the female soldier was Anush Apetyan. The Armenian Soldier Girl Video Reddit clearly showed that she was tortured, physically assaulted, and mutilated. Everyone was shocked to see the video.


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How Was an Armenian Female Soldier Tortured?

It wasn’t easy to believe that someone could be tortured in such a way. Apetyan had to face very brutal torture. Her legs were cut off. One of her fingers was cut off and put inside her mouth. One of her eyes was poked out. During her torture, Azerbaijan soldiers surrounded her and celebrated. They also mocked her and enjoyed the situation. Perhaps, this was one of the most brutal tortures in history. 

Armenian Female Soldier Video Reddit

The video of torturing Anush surfaced across various platforms. People shared the video from one platform to another platform. Most of the viewers of the video got goosebumps after watching the video. The spokesperson of Dicle Amed Women’s Platform (DAKP) recalled the killing of the female soldier. The spokesperson also condemned the torture done by Azerbaijan forces. Armenian Women’s Union also issued a statement that condemned the killing of Armenian female soldiers. After releasing the video, the United States Senate Committee ended the financial and military aid to Azerbaijan. The committee stated that the United States foreign policy cannot support the terrorist states. The Armenian Woman Soldier Killed video worsened the situation. 

Reactions of the People

Many people are shocked to see such a brutal video. The people are criticizing the Azerbaijan forces. They are sharing the video to reveal the dark side of Azerbaijan soldiers. People could not believe what they saw in the video. This crime was considered a part of the “genocidal policy” on the part of Azerbaijan towards the Armenian population. The footage of torturing the Armenian female soldier has become viral recently. The Azerbaijan soldier mainly showed the footage, and people kept sharing the video. It was also seen that a stone had been placed in her eyes. Armenian Female Soldier Video Reddit has intensified the controversy and surged the criticism. The video is an example of such a brutal incident. People are talking about the incident and criticizing the Azerbaijan troop.

Response of Armenian Armed Forces

Armenian Armed Forces also talked about the footage and condemned the troop of Azerbaijan. Armenian forces spoke about the video during a visit by foreign diplomats. They visited the town of Jermuk. They talked about the consequences after the release of the video. People are trying to find out the link to the video once again. The footage shows the number of Armenian soldiers along with a woman soldier. After Armenian Female Soldier Video Reddit was viral, people started sharing the video. It has been mentioned that there were two women. One of the women was stripped naked. The man who was filming the women also scolded and mocked them. 

The Armenian forces expressed dissatisfaction about the atrocities in their combat against their armed forces members. The senior members of the forces expressed surprise after watching the video of torturing the woman.

Fight Between Armenia and Azerbaijan

The fight between Armenia and Azerbaijan took place at midnight near the border. Azerbaijani forces started the strikes, which resulted in a fight. The female soldier was tortured during the fight, and Armenian Female Soldier Video Reddit became viral. Azerbaijani forces targeted the military forces and civilian settlements. Azerbaijan revealed that they fought against Armenia due to provocations from Armenia. The fight ended when Armenia declared an agreement on a ceasefire. The US government played a great role in ending the fight. But, Azerbaijan did not acknowledge the agreement. Many other communities of the world also took part in the fight. The war continued for two days, and many international communities took the sides of both parties. The US government played the role of a mediator between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Armenian Female Soldier Video Reddit also grabbed the attention of the US government.

Role of the US Government

The US government played an important role in ending the fight. The US Secretary indulged in a conversation with the Armenian Prime Minister. The US government came forward to deal with the situation and to lessen the intensity of the fight between the two nations. The US House Speaker also visited Armenia to extend support to the country. Other countries like France also criticized the steps taken by Azerbaijan. At the UN Security Council, the French representatives asked Azerbaijan to withdraw the troop from the Armenian territory. They also urged Azerbaijan to respect the territorial integrity of Armenia. Armenian Female Soldier Video Reddit also intensified the criticism and created great controversy.

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Armenian Female Soldier Video Reddit-FAQs

Q1. What was the name of an Armenian female soldier?

Anush Apetyan.

Q2. When was Anush born?

In 1986.

Q3. Who did kill Anush?

Azerbaijan troop.

Q4. When was Anush killed?

13 or 14 September 2022.

Q5. Which country did she represent?


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