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Ariana Pov Music Video: Grab Complete Information On Ariana Grande POV Official Music Video

Read the Ariana POV Music Video article completely for clear information about Ariana Grande scrapped video leak.

Have you gone through the leaked video of Ariana Grande’s POV music video? Do you want to learn more about the official and leaked video? Ariana Grande has a huge fanbase in the United Kingdom, United States, and Philippines. Fans are in utter disappointment with the leaked video.

In the article, let us explore more about Ariana POV Music Video and official album release dates. Stick to the write-up till the end to learn complete information about the POV music video.


Why is Ariana Grande’s video on the news?

Ariana Grande’s sensational music video has been leaked on social media platforms like Twitter and TikTok. Fans are surprised to view the clips of the video leaked. The leaks include bits of the official POV music video composed by Ariana before her wedding to Dalton Gomez.

Few fans were happy and excited to watch the video before its release, but few expressed sadness about the leak of Ariana Grande POV Official Music Video.

How did Ariana and her team react to the leak?

In the leak, links and clips are circulating on the internet. The music world was quite surprised to hear the leaks of the anticipated video. Ariana Grande quickly responded to the issue and filed takedown notices for the social media platforms to remove the video.

To minimize the damage and spread, the pop sensation singer Ariana Grande addressed the copyright and intellectual property of the video, which can maintain the excitement and eagerness to watch the POV music video is maintained.

Ariana POV Music Video first snippet leak was released on May 15, 2023, and the second on May 16, 2023. The full video leaked on May 18, 2023.

We present you with truthful information rather than publishing false news. Readers can verify the news from Wiki.

What does the leaked video contain?

The music video was scrapped before the release. On April 21, 2023, the time duration of the video was informed to be 3.25 minutes. The shooting of the music video took place in Miami, Florida. In the first video, Ariana Grande was featured whole video in a grassland with a big tree.

In Ariana POV Music Video second leaked clip, the shoot in Miami with a couple and children featured along with Ariana Grande. The song is rumoured to depict Dalton Gomez.

The director of the video was not revealed, and the seller of the album mentioned it was not Dave Meyers. The song was originally shot three days before the wedding of Ariana and Dalton on May 12, 2021.

After the leak, netizens searched for Ariana Grande and her personal information. Let us dig into details about the pop singer’s personal life who stood in the news for the Ariana POV Music Video leak.

Ariana Grande Biography

  • Name: Ariana Grande
  • Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, and songs
  • Agent: Scooter Braun
  • Spouse: Dalton Gomez
  • Genre: R&B and Pop
  • Labels: Republic
  • Instruments: Vocals
  • Awards: In 2022, best ensemble in AARP Films for Grownups Awards, best Mascara, and Allure Best of Beauty award. In 2023, Allure Readers’ Choice Award for Best Fragrance. 

What are the scenes seen in the video?

At the beginning of the video, Ariana is found sitting in a forest that depicts a honeymoon avenue. There is a mirror scene in which Ariana is pictured upside down, referred to as a sweetener. Ariana POV Music Video gives out an idea of her upside-down life. The glasshouse with the mirror shows her happiest life at present, leaving the past. When we observe, we can find a house that was purchased by the couple in early 2021.

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We have shared the information about the leaked video of Ariana Grande’s POV music video, which was scrapped earlier. The music world was shocked, but many scrapped leaked videos occurred earlier. Click here to watch the Ariana POV video 

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Ariana POV Music Video FAQS

Q1. Who is Ariana Grande?

Ariana Grande is an American pop singer.

Q2. Why Ariana Grande’s POV video is in the news?

The scrapped video was leaked on social media platforms.

Q3. On which platforms does the video leak?

On Twitter and Reddit.

Q4. Who is the husband of Ariana?

Dalton Gomez 

Q5. When did the video shot?

The video was shot in Miami, Florida, three days before their wedding. 

Q6. How did Ariana react to the leak?

Ariana Grande has filed a takedown notice to block the released video.

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