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{Updated} Aragon High School Student Suicide: Find How The Student Died, Was It Accidental Or Suicide?

This post on Aragon High School Student Suicide will inform the readers of the accident that took place in Vancouver around twelve years ago.

Have you heard about Aragon School Student who fell down the bridge around twelve years ago? We know that the incident is quite old to discuss, but people are seeking details on this matter as the matter of Aragon High School Student Suicide is again in the spotlight on social media Worldwide. If you are the one who wants to know this matter, then kindly stay tuned with this content till the end. 

Accidental Death or Suicide: Aragon School Student

Around twelve years ago, in June 2010, a group of 105 students went on a musical exchange program to Vancouver. Daniel Cho was also a member of the band and combined choir. But, unfortunately, he fell down the bridge around 100 feet down. The rescue team tried to reach him as soon as possible, but he was dead. It is unknown if he fell accidentally or committed suicide.

Aragon High School Student Suicide

On June 2010, a heartbreaking incident was held that broke the comfort of the faculties of Aragon High School and its students. Daniel Cho was a student of that school who visited the Capilano Bridge trip to embrace the beauty of the popular tourist spot. But, the day was unlucky for him as he fell down the bridge around 100 feet down. According to the authorities, the weather cannot be blamed for the accident. Although, it was pouring the railings were 48 inches higher and were properly tied. So, the authorities did not blame their arrangements. But, everyone cooperated during the accident.

Rescue on Aragon High School Student Suicide

After Daniel fell, the authorities immediately started rescuing him and called the rescue team to reach the child. It was around 100 feet down when the rescue team recovered the body of the kid. But, it was too late to reach the kid as he has already died. A Facebook fan page was also made in memory of Daniel Cho. His brother also shared his comment on the RIP Daniel Cho post. He wrote that he cannot describe his worth in words. Moreover, he also thanked his brother for the beautiful memories.

Was the trip canceled?

As per online reports on Aragon High School Student Suicide, the principal and other administrators of the school went to Vancouver. They visited the place to decide if they want to continue this trip or not. Later, it was decided the student will return on Friday after four days after the incident. 

Daniel’s parents were informed on the same day when this accident happened. Furthermore, the authorities were calling to every parent who went on the trip informing them that their kids would return on Friday. 

More updates on the death 

Daniel Cho was a 17-year-old young child. He died when he was on a trip to Vancouver with his schoolmates. As per the reports on Aragon High School Student Suicide, the kid had been under the influence of medication, LSD and he took this medication along with other two friends when they were on the bus. The police had not charged any penalty related to the crime.

His school friends had also decided to plan a memorial for him. His family suffered a deep shock after his death.


Summing up this post, the readers can check out more details on Daniel Cho’s death here.

Aragon High student dies in fall near Vancouver bridge

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Aragon High School Student Suicide– Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who was the child who died after falling from the bridge?

Ans. The identity of the deceased child was revealed. His name was Daniel Cho.

  1. When did the 17 years old child fall from the bridge?

Ans. The incident took place on June 6, 2010.

  1. From which bridge did he fall?

Ans. He fell from Capilano Bridge in Vancouver.

  1. Why did the children go there for a trip?

Ans. The teachers had taken the members of a combined choir and band for the musical exchange program. 

  1. How many children visited there?

Ans. As per Aragon High School Student Suicide, around 105 students visited Vancouver for a trip.

  1. Was the death accidental or suicidal?

Ans. It is unknown as the authorities claimed that their arrangements were up to the mark and the weather was rainy but it cannot be a reason for his death.

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