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Appiah Kwame Linkedin: Who Is Kwame Appiah? In Which Season Did Kwame Appiah Love Is Blind Appeared In? Also Explore His Career Detail In Soccer

The article on Appiah Kwame LinkedIn, has provided details about Kwame Appiah, through his LinkedIn profile.

Do you know Kwame Appiah? Who is he and why is he famous? Do you watch Popular Television-series in United States? If yes, then you must have intrigued by the interesting career graph one of the contestants of the show, Kwame Appiah. So, in this article Appiah Kwame LinkedIn, we will discuss the details about Kwame, his career, and more facts about him. Please, stay tuned for more updates.


Details About Kwame Appiah Through LinkedIn

Born in a small town Tema, in Ghana Kwame Appiah is a former professional soccer player who now works as Business Manager. He came to the US, when her was very young and started to learn English language being a non-native. He now works as a Head of Community development in Common Room. 

He appeared on the US reality show “Love Is Blind” in 2023, where he was a contestant on the fourth season of the show. Since appearing on the show, Kwame has amassed a large Instagram and other social media following. People were amazed by him, when he disclosed about his Professional Soccer career.  

Details About The Show Love Is Blind

Love Is Blind, is a reality dating show that first aired on Netflix in 2020. The show’s premise is simple: a group of single men and women are brought together in a series of “blind dates” where they chat with each other for a few days without seeing each other’s faces. If they feel a connection, they get engaged, and then they meet face-to-face for the first time. The couples then live together for a few weeks to see if they can make their relationship work.

Kwame Appiah Soccer Career Details 

Appiah’s professional career began in 2008, he was an athlete of NACC and played for Golden Beacom college as a forward. He also had a scholarship for Soccer which ended in 2012. He has played for Philadelphia Fury and Delaware Stars in the leagues such as reginal adult and US’ National club soccer league. 

In 2018 he played soccer in Sweden, but unfortunately returned America due to an injury. He has also been associated with a club named White Clay soccer to coach young players and another association is for youth’s Olympics programme in Delaware. A passionate man in the show, with an interesting Last Name, is winning hearts of many with his determination to learn. 


Details about the Love Is Blind: season 4 contestant Kwame Appiah has been provided in this article. Probably people are searching for his LinkedIn account, because recently his Instagram account is not accessible. Kwame rose to fame with the recent reality show. His professional soccer career has intrigued many people on the show as well. For visiting his LinkedIn profile, click here

Are you being watching Love Is Blind? Please let us know in the comments, what do you think about Kwame Appiah?

Must Read Updates on Appiah Kwame LinkedIn: FAQs

Q1. Who is Kwame Appiah?

A1. Kwame is a contestant of famous dating show, Love Is Blind. He is a Business Manager from profession and he has also played professional soccer in the past.

Q2. Why is he trending?

A2. On the show, when he opened-up about his soccer career, people were intrigued to know more.

Q3. What are Appiah’s qualifications?

A3. Kwame is a Masters in Business Administration and works as the post of Head of Sales Development. 

Q4. When did he got injured and his soccer career ended?

A4. He got in injured in 2018 in Sweden, after that he came back to US and left soccer.

Q5. In which Season did Kwame Appiah Love Is Blind appeared in?

A5. Kwame appeared in the fourth season of the show.

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