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Anthony Orlich LinkedIn: Is Anthony P Orlich Lawyer? Check Trending TWITTER & Reddit News Now!

In this article, you will get information about Anthony Orlich LinkedIn profile and his recent controversy about snatching a singer’s wig.

Why are people searching for Anthony P Orlich’s LinkedIn profile? Who is Anthony Orlich? The emerging singing star Lizzy Ashleigh fell into public controversy after getting her wig off by a random stranger. 

People of the United States are upset with the act of assaulting a girl in public for no reason. However, many rumors claim that it is an act of Racism. People are demanding justice for the young lady assaulted in public by a firm representative. Let’s check out Anthony Orlich LinkedIn profile and his controversy. 


About Incident 

The incident occurred in the evening when a guy named Anthony P Orlich forcefully snatched off the wig from the head of the girl. Lizzy Ash was wearing a green wig and is known as a popular singer and social media content creator. Lizzy accidentally met Anthony on the street, where he pulled off her wig for an unknown reason. 

Lizzy got traumatized by the incident and went back to find out why he did it. She started recording a video in which she was showing her wig and the face of the culprit. She continuously asked why he did it, but Anthony was shamelessly laughing, smiling, and ignoring her. 

Video on Twitter

Initially, the video was uploaded by Lizzy on her Instagram and Tiktok handle to find out information about the guy who committed the assault. The people for the video find it inhumane to demean any girl in public for no reason. Somehow people identified a person’s name, and people started writing about his profession as a law attorney in a firm. 

Many popular social media influencers also need a reaction video that was a little uploaded on Twitter and other social platforms. Netizens’ anger burst out on Anthony for assaulting an unknown girl because she’s of a different race. 

Anthony P Orlich Lawyer

People instantly find out the details of Anthony. He is working in Leader Berkon, Colao & Silverstein LLP in New York. Netizens got conscious when news broke about his inappropriate behavior in a public and racist attack on a girl. People started reporting to the law firm to terminate their contract with Anthony and take necessary action against them. 

Soon after Brawl, Anthony was terminated from the firm, and all the information about him was removed from the firm’s LinkedIn profile. Additionally, Anthony has no connection with the form, and people are checking his LinkedIn profile to find his current job.

Reddit Report

Reddit is a major hub for trolling means and posting humorous comments on sensitive topics. When the thread went viral on Reddit, many people criticized Anthony, but few started making memes about the topic. 

Social media link




Final Verdict 

Social Media Controversy rises to a peak when a Lawyer named Anthony pulls the wig of popular singer Lizzy. The incident involved an inhuman and assaulting girl in public. People got provoked after the incident and demanded justice by terminating Anthony from the firm.

What do you think of Anthony’s actions? Comment below.

Anthony Orlich LinkedIn: FAQs

Q1 What is the age of Lizzy Ashleigh?

Lizzy is approx 20-25 years old

Q2 What is the original color of Lizzy Ashleigh’s hair?

Her original hair color of Lizzy is black. 

Q3 How many people are there with Anthony?

There are two friends with Anthony.

Q4 Are friends of Anthony favoring his action? 

No, Antony’s friends are stopping him.

Q5 Is Anthony P Orlich drunk during the assault? 

Anthony seems drunk in the video, the way he was behaving and smiling when Lizzy was questioning him. 

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