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Angelqu3zada37 Twitter: Check Complete Details On Angelqu3zada37 video post

Read exclusive reviews unavailable elsewhere to know about Angelqu3zada37’s Twitter post that brought a new keyword search on the search engines.

Who is Angelqu3zada37 on the Twitter platform? Why did his account gain Worldwide popularity overnight? What was the specific content he shared on his Twitter account? What is the specific content tagged? What is the link/post discussing about? 

Did you know that more than the views for Angelqu3zada37’s post, the subject of his post is extensively searched on the internet? So, we bring you exclusive details of what the post was about on Angelqu3zada37 Twitter.


About Angelqu3zada37:

Angelqu3zada37 seems to be a fake Twitter user account. The @Angelqu3zada37 account was recently suspended, and its posts are not accessible. It is speculated to be a fake account. After its ban, a few other dummy Twitter accounts were created with the same content. However, several of them were recently banned. @otaku3the19526 is one such example.

Similarly, the post initially shared on @Angelqu3zada37 made its way to other social media platforms. Within 24-hrs, the @lavaritadeemilianovideo account was created on TikTok. The fake TikTik account gained 20 subscribers, 200 likes and 13.4K views within 24-hrs!

The Angelqu3zada37 Twitter account was reported active for posting trending news. @Angelqu3zada37 was also reported active on @Messi92088 posts. It was surprising that the @Messi92088 Twitter account was taken down recently. 

All four accounts, @Angelqu3zada37, @Otaku3the19526, @Messi92088, and @lavaritadeemilianovideo, had one thing in common. it was about – La Varita De Emilio.

The post which made Angelqu3zada37 popular:

A post related to Emiliano with a wand caught the eyes of netizens. The post started circulating online in the last week of June/2023. The post was tagged as – voy mami estamos buscando la varita de emiliano, Angelqu3zada37 Twitter posts, voy mami e que emiliano cerr la puerta y estamos buscando una varita o algo, emiliano y la varita video completo, la varita de emiliano video apk twitter video de, Video De Emiliano Y Varita, Emiliano and wand, and as Emilio with wand.

Two sides of the coin:

The social media posts are full of speculation about the content of Angelqu3zada37. However, no one can access his Twitter account as it is closed. There are two sides to Angelqu3zada37’s threat story. 

  1. Firstly, the post referred to a video showing explicit content on Angelqu3zada37 Twitter,
  2. Secondly, La Varita De Emilio is an Android gaming app!

Angelqu3zada37 video post:

There is a picture of a girl grooming a man in the bed, which was related to Angelqu3zada37’s post. The picture and the post went viral on 5th/July/2023. Within 24-hrs, there were 160+ instances of the image circulating online. The TikTok and Twitter pages share two Telegram links that post new and explicit videos and promote the gaming app. The TikTok account provided a link to the @+46S-hbmKrNE0ZTM5 account to join the group and access its content.

Angelqu3zada37 Twitter post corresponding to La Varita De Emilio application:

La Varita De Emilio translates to Emilio with a wand. It is a less-popular gaming app for Android OS. Taking advantage of the trending search of the keywords, including the terms ‘Emilio’ and ‘Varita,’ the game creators – NPT Ltd., released a new version 1.2 update on 5th/July/2023.

The La Varita De Emilio game is a third-party app, unavailable on Google Play Store. The La Varita De Emilio was rated 4.5/5 stars from five customer reviews. The game’s plot involves a magician’s apprenticeship who gains access to a powerful magical wand, unlike what was included on Angelqu3zada37 Twitter. The magic wand gives him special magical powers. With those powers, the gamer must face several challenges to win the quest.

Safety of the content:

The link to import the game is available on hundreds of third-party websites. However, as it is a third-party app not licensed by the Google Play Store for use in Android OS, La Varita De Emilio is considered unsafe. The surprising aspect of the gaming app is its icon, which showcased the same woman grooming a man, which was a part of @Angelqu3zada37’s posts.

Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, the Angelqu3zada37 Twitter post with tags contains/refers to hundreds of videos getting updated on the Telegram group. All the posts are related to explicit content. Several YouTube reviews about the content suggested not to watch it. Hence, joining such grownup social media groups and searching for the tags related to Emiliano’s videos are not advised.

It must be noted that Telegram is a private messaging app. Hence, accessing its content without joining the group is impossible. The content of Telegram is not accessible on web pages, unlike WhatsApp. Moreover, Telegram has advanced options to protect the privacy of its group members. Hence, the group memebers promoting Angelqu3zada37 Twitter content can vanish from Telegram within minutes without traces!

Social media links:


The trend related to searching for Emiliano-tagged content will give thousands of results as it is not related to a single video. No information about Angelqu3zada37, Otaku3the19526, Messi92088, lavaritadeemilianovideo social media profile was ascertainable. Respectable Santa Fe Klan (Ángel Quezada) or Footballer Messi is unrelated to this trend. It seems highly risky to access such videos and gaming apps.

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Angelqu3zada37 Twitter – FAQ

1Q. What was included in +46S-hbmKrNE0ZTM5 Telegram group?

TikTok and Twitter advertised the link indicating grownup content.

2Q. Are there other Twitter pages promoting Emiliano and Wand content?

Yes. Several Twitter accounts still share new and updated links for Emiliano and Wand content. But, please be aware that several Twitter accounts also took undue advantage of the trending search criteria and started sharing third-party links for unauthentic news and knowledge-based websites.

3Q. Are Emiliano and Wand grownup videos available on other websites?

Yes. A few videos are available on unauthentic grownup websites, as the related Angelqu3zada37 Twitter grownup Telegram group several times shares videos that are already popular and accessible on grownup websites.

4Q. Is the topic related to La Varita De Emilio found elsewhere online?

Yes. Several posts were found on Reddit and third-party Android APK+MOD providers.

5Q. How much is the size of La Varita De Emilio .APK?

Between 130 to 134 MB.

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