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Andover Ma Murder Suicide: Explore Complete DEtails On Murder Suicide Andover

This post on Andover Ma Murder Suicide will inform the readers about the Andover suicide murder case.

Have you heard about Andover Ma Murder? Do you know the whole case? If not, then here we will discuss the Andover Ma Murder case. People from the United States are shocked after hearing about this suicide murder case. Those who haven’t heard about it yet would get the whole details of this article. This suicide murder case has spread all over the country. So let’s learn the details about it.

Let’s start the article on Andover Ma Murder Suicide.


Andover murder-suicide case

Andover Ma is a town in Massachusetts where a horrific incident has occurred. As per sources, a person who killed her wife and son shot himself after killing them. The father first killed his wife by shooting her with a gun then he murdered his son with the gun. After murdering his wife and son, the person shot himself and died. The incident happened on Thursday morning as per the authorities. 

As per the officials, the incident seems like a horrific case of murder suicide, and domestic violence. Additionally, they said that a 911 phone call has been made from the house at around 3:21 am. 

Disclaimer: This post is made to inform the public about the murder-suicide case. We do not support domestic violence, murder, or suicide. We have prepared the post just to inform the readers about the suicide murder case. Our site does not support this kind of content so we have not posted any sensitive pictures related to the case. 

Murder Suicide Andover

The Andover murder-suicide case has been in the headlines since yesterday as the case seems terrible. It is claimed that the father killed his son and wife by shooting them with a gun and then shot himself with the gun. As per the officials, a 911 phone call was made from inside the house but they are not disclosing who made the call. 

Although the officials have confirmed that there was no one else in the house except the father, mother, and son. The police reached the scene after five minutes of a phone call. 

 Andover Ma Murder Suicide family member? 

The family includes three members a father, a mother, and a 12-year-old son. The father first killed his son and his wife and then shot himself. The family includes Andrew Robinson who was 56 years old, his wife Linda Robinson who was 55 years old, and their son Sebastian Robinson who was 12 years old. 

The mother and son were murdered whereas the father committed suicide after killing them. Police couldn’t enter the house after reaching and had to break the door. The police are investigating the case and the reason behind the Andover Ma Murder Suicide case.

In a nutshell

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Andover Ma Murder Suicide: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the Andover murder-suicide case?

Ans. The Andover murder-suicide case is a suicide and murder case in which a man killed his son, and wife and then killed himself with a gun.

Q2. How old was the son?

Ans. The son Sebastian Robinson was twelve years old.

Q3. Who killed the mother and the son?

Ans. Andrew Robinson, the father killed his son and wife. Andrew first killed his wife after shooting her and then killed his son. After killing his wife and son, he shot himself and died.

Q4. Who made the phone call to 911 for Andover Ma Murder Suicide?

Ans. It is not revealed who made the call to 911.

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