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Amazon Token Scam {Jan 2022} Get Useful Information!

This article on Amazon Token Scam is about summarizing the scatter info over the web in a precise form so that you understand the crux of the scam.

Did you see the intrusion of crypto ads these days on your Facebook and YouTube feeds and many other platforms? One similar ad you might have seen claiming the presale of crypto tokens from one of the e-commerce giants, Amazon, captures more than half of the United States e-commerce markets. In this article on the Amazon Token Scam, we will explore a different aspect of the scams.

For getting crypto scam clarity and more, stay with this article till the end.

How did the scam journey start?

The token scam started when people saw the first ads of Amazon token on Facebook, where they have offered the presale of the amazon tokens. But by detailed research and directly asking some questions regarding the token on Amazon’s Twitter handle, investigators or investors found that there is no such official release from amazon’s side. 

However, Amazon is planning to launch its token. It confirmed that the entire ads and the background of the Amazon Token Scam, which was plotted to loot the investors and make some significant gain out of the rush of crypto investment with the name of the big giant.    

About the Owner?

As per our research, there is no clue about the scheming person or organization of the whole scam of Amazon token. But for Amazon’s faithful customers and potential investors, Amazon has issued a detailed advisory to not to invest in such fraudulent and illegitimate crypto tokens. There are some rumors around the Bitcoin acceptance by Amazon for its services, but it is still not clear because different news sites cite no coherent views on that.

Market Facts: Amazon Token Scam

As per our research around the token, there is no data available around the market cap, low and high prices, current price, market rank, maximum supply, etc., for the token; this might be because it isn’t in existence. But investors need to check all the market variables before taking any major step. Nonetheless, some facts give substance to the credibility of Amazon as an e-commerce platform. By some estimates, 

  • Amazon has 310 million active users in the US.
  • Half of the e-commerce market is under Amazon.
  • Amazon’s total sales constitute around 5% of the full e-commerce.

Amazon Token Scam: Supporting reasons

  • No official announcement from Amazon.
  • Now, Amazon has issued a warning advisory against investment.
  • As of now, there is no data on the web regarding the Purchase of every token.
  • All available information is against the validity of the Amazon Token.
  • In the past, many similar frauds took place in this emerging sector of finance.

The process to Purchase:

  • Since there is no such token in existence, there is no process to purchase.
  • It may be the case that you found it listed somewhere, so check the authenticity before investing.
  • Go with standard exchanges so that you do not encounter scams like Amazon Token Scam.   

Frequently Asked Questions: 

 Q1. Will Amazon launch its Cryptocurrency?

Ans. There are some noises around Amazon’s native cryptocurrency launch. Still, the official announcement of Amazon said it has some plan to integrate Bitcoin transactions with Amazon product purchase payment and will possibly launch its currency by 2022.

Q2. Where can you purchase Amazon tokens?

Ans. Because, as of now, the Amazon token has not been launched. So we cannot say where you can purchase it. But for the future launch of Amazon Token, you can follow the brand’s social media handle and finance-related news over other media.

The Concluding Remarks:

To sum up, the Amazon Token Scam is another scam in the crypto world used by cyber fraudsters and hackers to capitalize on people’s greed. So investors need to take caution.

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