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Alpine F1 Token (Mar 2022) How To Buy? Contract Address

In this post, we discuss Alpine f1 Token and know about its Initial Coin Offering in brief.

Do you know about a new futuristic coin that is recently released and gives you a chance to get in early to profits? Then this post is for you. 

In this post, we are discussing a token that has been released recently and has gained the attention of investors from Turkey, France, and BrazilMany investors complain about not being early in the market to make profits. That is why we are discussing the Alpine f1 project to know about it and take decisions accordingly. 

Let us move further and know more about Alpine f1 Token in this post. 

What is Alpine f1 Crypto?

The token formed as a result of a partnership of Binance and Alpine formula One and with the partnership Binance became the official eSports partner of Alpine from 2022. The Alpine token is a utility token built on Binance smart chain. 

The token empowers the holders to participate in team voting polls, purchase NFTs, hunt digital collectables, and enjoy gamification features. In addition, the token is built to provide broader accessibility, lower transactions costs and more functionalities as a BEP-20 token.

Founders of Alpine f1 Token

The team behind this token is the officials of Alpine formula one. The main personality behind this project is Laurent Rossi, the CEO of Alpine. If you are curious and want to know more about team members and officials, you should check out the social profiles of Alpine f1. Let us move further to learn about the price and other statistics of this token.

Price of Alpine f1 Crypto Today 

The Alpine f1 Token is not yet released, and it is not out for trade but the Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The price of the Alpine f1 crypto is $1, which is good news for many investors. 

However, instead of buying it just by looking at its price, you should know more about this token, research it in detail and take decisions accordingly.

Statistics of ICO of Alpine f1 Crypto

  • Ticker – ALPINE.
  • Launchpad Hard Cap – 4,000,000 USD.
  • Total token supply –40,000,000 ALPINE.
  • Token Sale format – Subscription.
  • Token type – BEP-20.

How To Participate In Alpine f1 Crypto? 

The Alpine f1 Token is available to buy from the Binance platform. Currently, the token is distributed in the Launchpad subscription format with a user recording starting from 16 February, and the recording will end on 22 February. 

There is not much detailed information revealed by Alpine f1 crypto, so if you want to know about the buying process, you can find it with little research if you are an experienced investor. However, we advise you to learn about this token in detail to avoid any misconceptions or scams.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the official platform of Alpine f1 crypto?

A1. The official platform of Alpine f1 crypto is not available yet.

Q2. What is the contract address of Alpine crypto?

A2. The contract address of Alpine f1 Token is 0x287880Ea252b52b63Cc5f40a2d3E5A44aa665a76.

Q3. What is the best crypto to look for investing in 2022?

A3. Check out this post to know the best crypto to invest in 2022.


Initial Coin Offerings are very risky to invest in as we don’t know much about the project practically, and we don’t know if it will succeed. So, watch out for all the alerts and risks, and if you encounter any misleading information, do not invest in this project. You can check out here to know more about the Initial Coin offering of Alpine f1 crypto.

What do you think of this project as a whole? Do you think it is futuristic? Let us know in the comment section below. Also, do share this Alpine f1 Token post to inform others. 

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