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Alix to PHP (Aug 2021) How to Buy? Contract Address

Are you looking to play and earn crypto? Then here is the article presenting all the features of Alix To PHP, where you will get all the info related to games and earns.

Crypto coins are becoming World famous, as many are gaining good returns. Crypto coins are virtual currency runs based on cryptography. However, cryptocurrencies are not managed by any country’s government so investing in crypto is risky.

We will explain to you about crypto Alix To PHP in this article, and at the same time, why is this crypto attracted many in the Philippines.

Let’s check all the features and trading checkpoints further.

About the Crypto Alix:

The Alix coin is also known as AlinX and is a well-circulating cryptocurrency in the PhilippinesAlix coin is a game currency that is earned by playing games. So this pay and earn crypto is incorporated NFT into games on the Binance Smart Chain platform. On the official website of Alix, many games can easily be played by players. As a result, they can earn extra money. Owning high-value NFTs is possible, and players can get passive income by Hero training features without selling crypto.

Traders can earn Alix To PHP by connecting Metamask wallet into games, and at the same time, it will be a good entertainment in their free time. Players can own the Heroes by buying them on the NFT market with the Alix token. Players can also use Heroes to fight with other trader’s Heroes to gain rewards.

Developers and Founders:

Alix coin was launched on the BSC platform, and there is an airdrop program with a private sale. The coin is also on Pancake Swap, CoinGecko, Coinmarket Cap, where you can mine the crypto comfortably.  

There is no information about the founders and developers of Alix coin on their official website. However, we will get back to you once they are updated.

Price Chart of Alix To PHP:

The current price of Alix token on different platforms are listed below.

  • On Coinmarket Cap: $0.01565/ 0.7443 PHP – The price was down by 44.92% in the last 24 hours. The trading volume of is 381,206,945 PHP. Alix holds rank #2692.
  • BscScan: $0.00 – There are 313 holders.
  • CoinGecko : $0.01452398. The price dropped by 46.9%, with a trading volume of $5,836,681.
  • PancakeSwap : 1,211.46 PHP. the price dropped by 3.3% with a trading volume of 19,900,139,906 in last 24 hours.

Total Supply and Market Cap:                             

If you are planning to trade Alix token, Pancake Swap V2 is the active exchange. Latest rate of 1 PancakeSwap(cake) = 1,216.79 PHP

  • Alix To PHP circulating supply – 213,842,779.
  • Total Supply – 355,308,283
  • Maximum Supply – 500,000,000
  • Market Cap – 259,142,398,742 PHP

How To Buy Alix Token?

You can buy the Alix coin through their website. Here are the steps to trade.

  • Go to https://alinx.io/. You can check the ‘BUY’ option, which will redirect you to the PancakeSwap exchange.
  • Connect your Metamask wallet to PancakeSwap.
  • Need some Bitcoins in your wallet to proceed with the transaction.
  • Copy the contract address and set the price amount of Alix To PHP with slippage,
  • Click on Swap to add Alix to your wallet.

Check this video to know more

Price Prediction:

The estimated price of the Alix coin is predicted as

  • 2022 – $0.0274854
  • 2023 – $0.034145
  • 2024 – $0.03954
  • 2025 – $0.04725
  • 2028 – $0.07189


  1. Is this safe to invest in Alix Coin?

Yes, on a long-term basis.

  1. Is the price go up in the future?

Yes, according to research, the price may go up.


After discussing Alix To PHP, we found that the coin has good growth, and currently, there are many holders. If you are looking to invest in it, then make sure to research prior. Have you earned Alix Coin by playing games? If yes, mention it in the comment box.

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