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Adamant To PHP (Jan 2022) Chart, How To Buy?, Price

The guide shares details about the ADDY token and the live Adamant to PHP value for the investors.

The process of maximizing the farming yield is very challenging, especially when farmers want to stake on multiple platforms. It isn’t easy because of the exponential compound interest. 

But farmers are no longer required to worry as Adamant Vault is here to automate the process while enabling the farmers to drastically minimize the costs, prevent tedious manual processes and heighten the yield generation.

Adamant is the vault to optimize the yields, and it comprises several farmers pooling the resources and time to earn the ultimate Defi yields. Since it is popular in the Philippines, many investors want to know the live Adamant to PHP value.      

What is Adamant?

Adamant is the vault designed to optimize the yields of the farmers. Many platforms have the same name, Adamant but have different ticker symbols. However, we are discussing Adamant with the ticker symbol ADDY.

The yield optimizer vault is designed for farmers who pool their resources and time to collectively earn the best decentralized finance yields. The vault focuses on offering a safe and easy way to compound the tokens of farmers automatically on the Polygon network. 

Since it uses exponential compound interest power, it offers a higher yield than normal staking. But, investors in the Philippines must ensure checking the live Adamant to PHP value.    

Who Founded Adamant?

After evaluating online, we found no details about the founder of Adamant. There is no detail on the website, and hence it is not possible to share the names of the people behind the development of the vault. 

The platform is active on social media, and you can follow their official Twitter page. Besides, there is no information available about the founders of the platform and its native token ADDY token.

Live Market Cap, Supply and Circulating Supply

Before accessing the live Adamant to PHP value, let us check the market statistic of the ADDY Coin.

The coingecko.com states that the last known price of ADDY token in 24 hours is $1.28. It is down by 12.9%. The trading volume of the ADDY Token is $21 050 in the last 24 hrs. The trading volume registered a decline of 13.4% in the previous 24 hrs. 

There is no information about the live market capitalization and fully diluted market capitalization of ADDY tokens. Besides, we found no information on the token’s circulating supply and max supply. 

What is the Live Adamant to PHP Value?

The live chart on coingecko.com states that the Adamant value in Pilipino Peso is 65.41 PHP, and the value has been reduced by 13.2% in the last 24 hrs. 

So, for one ADDY Coin, you will get a value of 65.41 PHP. However, the price is subject to change, and hence you must check before buying. 

How to Buy ADDY Coin?

  • Download the Trust Wallet on your device
  • Link it with the QuickSwap exchange and add funds
  • Search the ADDY token on the exchange using the contract address 0xc3fdbadc7c795ef1d6ba111e06ff8f16a20ea539
  • Enter the number of tokens you want to buy
  • Check the live Adamant to PHP value before buying
  • Click on the swap button, and you are done      


Q1. What is the official website of Adamant?

A1. https://adamant.finance/ is the official website of the platform 

Q2. Which Contract Address to Use for Buying Adamant?

A2. Buyers must use the contract address 0xc3fdbadc7c795ef1d6ba111e06ff8f16a20ea539 to buy the token.  


After the popularity of the vault, many farmers worldwide are planning to invest in the ADDY token. But, before investing in the token, it is urged to check the live Adamant to PHP value as it is subject to change according to market demands.  

Besides, it is also important to know the Best Cryptocurrency to trade in 2022 to avoid unnecessary scams. 

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