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Abby Choi Husband: Why Is The Murder News Trending on Instagram? Read Wiki Now!

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Do you know who Abby Choi is? Are you aware of why she is going to discuss this? In today’s discussion, we are sharing sensitive information about a fashion icon, Abby Choi. Here we will research who is Abby Choi Husband and why he is trending. 

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Who is Abby Choi’s husband?

Abby Choi’s former husband was Alex Kwong. Abby Choi is murdered, and her husband is accused. HK police are looking for Abby Choi’s ex-husband after discovering her headless body in a terrible murder investigation. 

The waterfront in Tung Chung was where Ms Choi’s ex-husband, identified as Alex Kwong by local media, was apprehended at around 1 pm on Saturday. She was missing from Tuesday, but later on Friday, police found her headless body in a village house in Tai Po situated in Hong Kong.

Abby Choi Instagram Profile-

Ms Choi was a public figure, and the fashion model had established a reputation for herself and rose to prominence as one of the most looked-at celebrities in the business. In a nude-coloured gown, Ms Abby Choi looked stunning on the cover of the fashion and luxury lifestyle publication L’Officiel Monaco less than two weeks ago. 

She was a style icon thanks to her sharp sense of fashion and skill to pair things together. Ms Choi had viewers not only throughout Hong Kong but as well as around the world. She has 84,000+ Instagram followers.

What about Abby Choi Murder?

Abby Choi was last seen on Tuesday on Fo Chun Road in Tai Po around 2.15 pm. She was missing from here, and later local police found her headless body in her house. Hong Kong police have detained the ex-parent’s husband and older brother. Her ex-husband, allegedly responsible for the murder, is still wanted. According to reports in the local press, his name is Alex Kwong.

 According to the South China Morning Post, a few of her flayed body parts were stored in the fridge while others were cooked. Additionally, the local police discovered human tissue in two pots of soup and minced human tissues lying around the house.

About Abby Choi Wiki-

Full Name Abby Choi Tin-fung 
Birth date Not known
Nationality American
Parents name Not found
School/High School Unknown
Graduate from Unknown
Spouse TamJai Yunnan Mixian
Ex-husband  Alex Kwong
Children  Two children with her ex-husband
Profession Abby Choi Tin-fung was a socialite and a fashion icon from Hong Kong
She died at  Age of 28-year
Siblings One brother

 This sensitive news will be discussed on various social media platforms, and people will post their views. On Redditt, viewers can find information about this well-known personality murder.

Why is Abby Choi Husband news trending?

In the investigation, her ex-husband was found to be the prime suspect in her murder. Hong Kong police discovered model Abby Choi’s dismembered body but are still searching for her head. The murder is thought to have been committed by her ex-husband and his family, who had financial issues with her.

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In the police investigation, it has been found that the conflict over the expensive Kadoorie Hill property, which cost tens of millions of dollars, is thought to have motivated the murder. 

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Abby Choi Husband-FAQs-

Q.1 Who was Abby Choi?

Ans- She was a social media star.

Q.2 What was the age of Abby Choi?

Ans- 28-year-old.

Q.3 What is her net worth?

Ans- $5 million.

Q.4 Is she following on Instagram?

Ans- She was a popular and richest Instagram star.

Q.5 Why was she murdered?

Ans- Still, the investigation is going on.

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