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855mikewins Com Ridefreenye: Check The Announced Giveaway Benefits And Booking Details

Read key facts about the giveaway organized by Mike Morse Law Firm and know if Uber vouchers are available on 855mikewins com Ridefreenye.

It is great work by many organizations to care for the safety of the commoner in the United States, especially during the New Year. Currently, the temperature in many states of the USA has dropped below -30° and consuming liquor to stay warm is almost unavoidable.

Did you know many causalities were reported due to drunk and driving cases on New Year? This time, the roads are slippery due to snowfall! Let’s check what 855MIKEWINS com Ridefreenye has to offer.


About Ridefreenye:

Ridefreenye is the name assigned to 1,000 Uber giveaway vouchers by Mike Morse Law Firm. The value of each voucher is $20. The Mike Morse Law Firm has served more than 35K clients for over three decades. It offered several giveaways regularly.Mike Morse Law firm services its client against personal injuries caused due to:

  • Car Accidents,
  • Dog Bites,
  • Bicycle Accidents,
  • Motorcycle Accident,
  • Pedestrian Accidents, and
  • Truck Accident.

It also represents its clients to claim:

  • Social Security Disability,
  • Compensation for Brain and other physical Injuries, 
  • Compensation for Wrongful Death, and
  • No offence cases.

About 855MIKEWINS com Ridefreenye:

The Mike Morse Law Firm has dealt with many client litigations related to accidents, injuries, and causalities, specifically during New Year’s eve. In most cases, drunk driving was identified as the primary cause. Hence, the Ridefreenye program aims at offering a free ride to drunken people.

The advance booking for free Uber vouchers was facilitated on updated its website on 16th-December-2022 regarding Ridefreenye. However, the news picked up with Mike featured in a promotional video on 26th-December-2022.

As on 29th-December-2022, 855mikewins is not taking any more bookings as all the Uber vouchers were reserved.

The 855MIKEWINS com Ridefreenye Uber voucher must be presented/claimed during the ride between Detroit, Chicago, and New York. The giveaway is sponsored by William Mattar Law offices, attorneys for dealing with motor vehicle accidents and personal injuries.

As a service to the community and humanity, the founder of the law firm Mike Morse announced the Uber giveaway vouchers. The program aims at providing safe travel on New Year’s eve. The program will also benefit people on New Year’s eve who cannot drive their vehicles after partying late at night, drinking, or under icy conditions due to slippery roads.

Mike proclaimed about 855MIKEWINS com Ridefreenyeis one of the means of giving back the community. He said that their firm is committed to community service. Mike hopes that people will get benefited from the program. Mike advised people to celebrate the new year safely and responsibly.

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The Ridefreenye program was announced on 16th-December-2022 on The law firm’s founder, Mike Morse, promoted the cause by posting videos on their official social media pages. For benefiting more people, Mike Morse Law Firm advertised the giveaway on radio, TV, and vehicle wrappings. All the 1,000 Uber vouchers have been claimed, and booking is closed on

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855mikewins com Ridefreenye – FAQ

1Q. Is the booking for Ridefreenye still open?

No. All the Uber vouchers were booked. The Ridefreenye booking is closed.

2Q. Is there any other organization offering a similar giveaway?

The American Auto Association(AAA) offers a free Tow-to-go program for the specially-abled commoner. The individual and their vehicles will be dropped at their destination. The program started on 25th-December and ends on 2nd-January-2023 at 6:00 AM. However, advance bookings are not offered.Click here to know more(

3Q. Where did the users book the Ridefreenye giveaway? was offering the bookings for 855MIKEWINS com Ridefreenye.

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