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[Watch] 5 Jovenes de Lagos de Moreno Video Twitter: Why it Went Viral on Telegram? Know Facts!

The following write-up has provided details regarding the 5 Jovenes de Lagos de Moreno Video Twitter, including the disappearance and other facts.

Did you hear about the disappearance of 5 people? The news about them has become a hot topic in Mexico, United States, and worldwide. People are curious about the information and what happened to them.

If the same questions revolve around your mind, then do not worry. We have got your back. This article will explain about 5 Jovenes de Lagos de Moreno Video Twitter and their names.

Disclaimer: We do not promote any content which can misguide the readers. The article is solely based on the information purpose with the information present online.

Why are those 5 people getting viral?

A video is going viral on the internet; the video is about the 5 young boys who mysteriously got disappeared. They were last seen on 11 August 2023, Friday, since then, their close ones have been unable to contact them. No one knows how they disappeared and the reason behind their disappearance.

People assume that the viral video of them can be helpful for police to find them back. People also think they could be dead by now, but others are hoping for the best.

Jovenes Lagos de Moreno Video Viral Points

  • All 5 young boys were residents of Lagos de Moreno.
  • They were between the age of 20-21.
  • They all were close friends and were planning to visit Lagos Fair.
  • They last talked to their family member on the day they went missing.
  • Mexican authorities said they found the vehicle the boys were aboard before going missing.
  • The vehicle was a white Jetta, and the number on the license plate was 8638.
  • Authorities also reported that there was more than one vehicle, and they found one in good condition.

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Information about Lagos de Moreno Video Telegram

The video has already gotten a lot of attention on social media apps like Reddit and Twitter. But it has reached Telegram too, and many Telegram pages have posted videos about it.

People were also able to recognize their names because of the viral video. The terms of the disappeared young boys are Uriel Galvan, Diego Lara Santoyo, Dante Hernandez, Roberto Olmeda Cuellar, and Jaime Adolfo Martinez Miranda. People assume all the boys are already dead from the viral Telegram video.

Content of the Lagos de Moreno Video Telegram

In the video, they were approached by a Hitman, and he was manipulating the boys to hurt each other. Prosecutors also received that video, but they declined it. They said the video is not related to t

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Police have found the remains of all five boys inside a burned car. Cops are assuming it was a well-planned murder.

Do you think boys had some beef with their murderers? Tell us how you enjoyed reading this article in the comment below.

5 Jovenes de Lagos de Moreno Video Twitter Information (FAQs)

1-In which vehicle they found their remains?

A-Police found their vehicle in the second car in which they boarded.

2-How police get to know about the burned car?

A-During the heavy search party, they found the car.

3-Did their family member identify the bodies?


4- Are there any photos of the boys after they got missing?

A-Yes, there is a picture of their hands tied, and tape is stuck to their face.

5-Did police find the person behind this mass homicide?

A-No, the culprit is still on the run.

6-Which newspaper covers Jovenes Lagos de Moreno Viral Video case?

A-EL Pais.

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