Top 5 Essential Ways To Safeguard Hearing As You Age

5 Essential Ways To Safeguard Hearing As You Age

As we age, it’s often unavoidable that our sensory capabilities will start to decline; eyesight deteriorates, and hearing becomes a challenge

Even so, there are several ways that we can hold onto our hearing, and even when hearing deteriorates past the point where these healthy hearing tips become irrelevant, there are still several hearing aid solutions on the market. 

Some of the most affordable hearing aids can be purchased online and delivered to your doorstep. Moreover, even pocket-friendly hearing aids are capable of restoring hearing and helping you regain independence in your life. 

Nevertheless, we’ve listed five essential ways that you can safeguard your hearing as you age and prolong the need for additional assistance in this regard. 

Lower The Volume On Headphones

We’ve all been an angst teen shut in our rooms whilst blaring undeniably angry music on a pair of headphones or earphones to cut out the emotional rollercoaster that is adolescence. However, high volumes of these devices can be extremely damaging to hearing abilities. 

So, whether you’re an angst teen in search of solace, or an older adult that enjoys traveling back in time by blaring classic oldies on your headset, it’s essential to be kind to your hearing and lower the volume. 

Use Protective Earplugs When Necessary

Whether you enjoy the occasional music festival, concert, or even the thrills of drag racing shows, most of the most enjoyable events in life come along with loud music.

Instead of leaving your ears exposed to specific harmful frequencies, wear protective earplugs when out and about in louder-than-life environments. 

There are also some protective earplugs on the market that block out specific frequencies without stunting your ability to hear. These earplugs are exceptionally innovative creations intended to help those suffering from noise sensitivities each day without isolating the wearer. 

Avoid Using Q-Tips

Q-Tips are a pretty unique product, specifically because the one thing they were designed for is best avoided; never clean your ears with Q-Tips. Unfortunately, these products are intended for ear cleaning, although they cause more harm than good. Using Q-Tips will have you pushing wax back inside your ear and eventually causing damage. Instead, use a clean, warm washcloth to gently clean your ears.

Opt For A Hearing Exam Routinely

For younger adults, it’s pretty important to opt for a hearing exam every three years. During these exams, your hearing capabilities are determined, and any issues can be detected early on, preventing further progression of any concerns. 

But as you age, it’s crucial to increase the frequency of hearing exams to ensure you can hold onto your hearing for as long as possible. 

Keep Your Ears Dry

Excessive moisture in the ears can heighten the chances of wax buildup and potential infections. These concerns can both lead to hearing loss. 

Be sure to gently dry your ears after bathing, showering, or a swimming session. And if you should experience water blocking your ear, simply tilt your head to the side and shake your head gently to release the water before gently drying your ears with a soft towel. 

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