Natalie Nunn Husband Jacob 2024: Who Is She Married To? Marriage Boot Camp Details

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Natalie Nunn Husband Jacob: Reality of Video of Natalie Nunn Marriage Boot Camp Fame on Social Media

Natalie Nunn has been grabbing the headlines Worldwide with the latest twist in her life. She rose to prominence after appearing in the American Reality show in 2009 of Bad Girls Club. Natalie Nunn Husband Jacob and her married life are under the scanner.

The reality show personality later went on to be cast as a member in the 4th season of the famous Bad Girls Club. Furthermore, she also appeared in shows like season 13 of Bad Girls Club and Hair Battle Spectacular.

However, her personal life took a complex turn after a recent video surfaced on the internet. This article will elaborate on what embroiled Natalie Nunn’s life.

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Natalie Nunn Husband Jacob: When They Got Married

Natalie Nunn, who earned many names as a famous reality TV face, is now under the scanner for infidelity with her husband. Supporting the accusations is a clipping that is currently doing social media rounds.

About Natalie Nunn Husband Jacob

The clips have caught the attention of netizens Worldwide. The sequence of footage showcases Natalie with Curtis Golden. Herein, they are seen indulging in intimate activity in public. It has also raised curiosity about Who Is Natalie Married To?

On further research, it appeared that similar headlines had done rounds previously. In it, Fivio Foreign had accused her of cheating.

Who is Natalie Nunn Married To?

According to sources, Natalie Nunn was said to have been abandoned in 2019 by her spouse. However, she is noted to still be in a relationship with her husband, Jacob Payne. They also posted a picture of themselves with their daughter, Journey Ruth Payne, on Instagram’s social media platform.

The picture commemorated Jacob Payne’s and Natalie Nunn’s 10th wedding anniversary.

Natalie Nunn Husband: Jacob Payne and Their Marriage

Natalie Nunn Husband

It is not the first time Natalie has been under the scanner for her separation from her husband. Similar rumours surfaced in 2019 when news about their marriage hitting rock bottom made rounds in 2019. However, despite the speculations, they were noted to be together and happily married.

The recent contention is related to claims of Natalie cheating on her husband. The claims were raised by Fivio Foreign, who, in the podcast, highlighted the reality TV personality cheating on her husband with his friend in the Natalie Nunn Marriage Boot Camp.

Fivio Foreign Accusations on Natalie Nunn Marriage

According to research, the claims started making rounds after Fivio Foreign appeared on My Expert Opinion Podcast by Math Hoffa.

Herein, he did not mention Curtis Golden’s name. However, the rapper indirectly accused the former of being with Natalie. He also divulged information about Natalie flying around the world with him and their recent stint in Dubai.

After posting the podcast, Natalie took it to her Instagram. Herein, she posted her rant accusing the rapper of false claims.

In her statement, she spoke about needing to meet Curtis through Fivio. She also called out him for using cheap tactics to feature with her and earn fame.

We tried hunting for the video on the internet. However, we could not gather any information related to the clip, which is claimed to be making rounds on social media.

Did Natalie Nunn Cheat on Jacob Payne with Curtis Golden?

The video clipping showcases Natalie and Curtis. The Natalie Nunn Husband Jacob in Marriage Boot Camp video has been doing rounds on social media.

Although the video showcases the reality TV personality with her alleged boyfriend, we will receive an official statement from Jacob and Natalie on the allegations. To learn more about Natalie Nunn, click here

Although it is yet to be determined if the video is real or manipulated, it has created quite a stir in Natalie Nunn’s and her husband’s lives.

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